Ikhana – Zebrelli

Ikhana, the Gothenburg-based artist we’ve previously written about, just released her debut album Zebrelli. We couldn’t keep ourselves from asking her a few questions about it!

What’s the story behind the name Zebrelli?
 – I was tweeting about changing my name in the future and my friend Nittygritty suggested ZEBRELLI. I think it’s perfect!
Also, you have to tell us about the name of the songs. All the titles, except for T-shirt, look like abbreviations!
 – Yeah, cool right?
If you have to choose, which one is your personal favorite?
– At the moment… KS and FFEM!
What’s the plan after releasing the album? What will you be up to?
– I have some shows coming up (catch me in a town near you!). Im also doing some collabs that I’ve been wanting to do for a looong time. Forward!
What’s the best and the worst thing that could happen?
– Growth is the best and most important thing that will (!) happen. It’s a total waste of energy to think about the worst.
In the song KS you are saying that the song symbolizes that you have had enough, and that no one has put you in more shit than yourself. Is the album, in some way, proving something to yourself?
– Yea. It was almost only about that when I first started this project. It’s been a great learning experience and I’m very proud and happy that I did it.
Listen to the full album here.