Adventure Of

Two years after their debut with Insha’ Allah, Swedish duo Adventure Of is back with their second album Folie á deux. We have met with the duo’s Dennis Tkacuk and Patric Julian.

Dennis Tkacuk and Patric Julian first became while in high school, sharing the same creative vision, as well as the same sense of goofiness. The two sixteen-year-olds connected over an idea of making short films of pets with angry-looking eyebrows fastened on them. Luckily for the pets, the duo began making music instead.

In 2011 they made their debut with the album Insha’ Allah, with the single Slussen by Night becoming a huge hit. This opened the door for the duo, who got to play at Popagandafestivalen and open for bands such as Peter, Bjorn and John. Next week, on September 25, they release their second album, Folie á deux.

– Folie á deux is an expression of our mutual madness, the duo says. It gives the listener an image of how we perceive the world when we’re together. It’s a reflection in naive melodies and a lot of emotions. Every song is an exaggerated interpretation of everyday life. How Folie á deux’s sounds like is question better answered by our listeners. We’ve just made the best possible album. Some have said that our second album sounds more mature, some have said that it sounds better, both of which makes us so happy!

Adventure Of has also been said to be the perfect cross between indie-electro band Tough Alliance and Stockholm-favorites Unarmed Enemies, a comparison that might give you a glimpse of what the band sounds like.

– Our music is a mix of fantasies, magic, friendship, and irony. We find it hard to define what Adventure Of really is about. Let’s just say that it’s something interesting and exciting to follow.

When asked about where they take their inspirations from, they tell us that it all comes down to their surroundings and everyday life.

– Everything gives us inspiration; the everyday feelings, the great feelings and the weird feelings. The important part is to remember that everything ordinary can be made into great stories. We never had a concrete reference as to how our second album should sound.

Folie á deux is an expression of our mutual madness

In connection to the release, Adventure Of have also planned a tour, including a show at Debaser Strand on September 20, which they are very excited about.

– When we go on stage we try to bring a lot of energy, but at the same time keep an intimacy. We try to be in the moment. After the released, we will go on tour in Sweden as well as abroad. The greatest part of being in a band is the time after a new album release, when we get to meet a lot of new people, and just be happy and proud about something that we’ve created.

Adventure Of”s album Folie á deux is out on September 25.