Deap Vally

Bonding over knitting and blues, Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards of Los Angeles rock duo Deap Vally met at a crocheting class back in 2011. Since then, they’ve been building a considerable buzz with their vicious blues rock and vocal howls. Currently touring the world with their debut album Sistrionix, we met with the duo to talk about knitting, style, and living on a tour bus.

When we meet with Lindsey and Julie from Deap Vally in the afternoon before to their gig in Stockholm, they just woke up. They’ve barely had their “morning” coffee when we begin our talk.

How did you two meet?
– I used to own a knitting shop in Los Angeles where I offered supplies and one day Lindsay walked in to take a crochet class, and yes that’s how we met, Julie says.

Was it like love at first sight?
– No. But over the course of the class we bonded, says Julie.

Do you still knit?
– Yes, a lot. It’s cosy. We do a lot when we’re on tour and have spare time, like in the bus or on the plane, they say.

Touring is one mode, recording is
one mode, and writing is one mode.

When did you start making music?
– I did a lot of singing, musical theatre, and choral singing. I wrote songs on guitars, but no one ever heard them. When I was twenty-five I started a band with a friend. So this is my second band, Julie says

– I started taking piano lessons at a very young age, when I was like four years old. I learned to play the guitar when I was ten. Me and my three year older sister made music together, Lindsey says.

What are your musical inspirations?
– Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, early Hole, Nina Simone, old blues like Son House, and Robert Johnson.

What’s your motivation for making music?
– I don’t know, I think it’s just something we need to do. I am at my happiest when I’m making music and playing music, says Lindsey.

– My brother always made music so that made the groundwork for me I think, Julie says.

– My dad was always very excited to have kids who made music. He has a band called Kerouac that’s going to cover one of our songs, Lindsey says. He was always booking shows for me and my sister when we were kids. My parents are really big fans of Deap Vally. 

What are your thoughts on the future?
– We’re gonna be making a new album with Island. We’re also going to tour a lot in the States. Touring is one mode, recording is one mode, and writing is one mode. We’re looking forward to just being home, relaxing, letting our brains rest, so we can write a new album, says Julie.

How do you live back home?
– Right now we’re living on our tour bus, says Lindsey.

– I live in a house with my husband, Julie explains. He’s around here somewhere. He’s on the European tour with us right now, he’s opening for us tonight,  he’s a musician too. It’s nice that he’s with us, but it’s also hard living as a couple on a bus with other people. It’s better than not sharing our lives and our time together though. But we can’t sleep in the same bed, we can cuddle for a while but then we get claustrophobic because the bunks are so small, Julie says laughing.

– I actually don’t have a place at home because we’re always on tour. I just keep my things in storage, says Lindsey.

Do you have some dream collaboration?
– Yes, we would love to work with Kevin Parker from Tame Impala, Julie says.

What are you inspiration fashion wise?
– I would say seventies, outrageous fashion. Kind of over the top, fun, there’s always something over the top element to our clothes, says Julie.

– I just got this jacket yesterday, Lindsey says about her fake sheep fur coat. It’s actually from H&M, I usually never shop there, but I was so cold. It’s been a challenge dressing for the cold weather here.

Kind of different compared to California?
– Yes, kind of, they both agree.

Listen to Deap Vally’s debut Sistrionix here.