“I’m taking it slow now, with no expectations”

Nottee is back with a new single, out today. We took Nonno Drougge out for a walk to talk about the new music and her newfound, laid back attitude to her artistry.

Nonno Drougge released her debut album as Nottee about a year ago, after having worked on it together with producer Henning Fürst of The Tough Alliance. Now she’s back with new material, but this time on her own, without making compromises. The first single since the record is called Do You Love Me and is released today. We met up with Nonno to hear more.


Tell me, what’s the new single about?
– The theme is essential from when we’re born; it’s about the fear of not being loved. That search for affirmation is very fundamental. The question “Do you love me?” is just a very honest and straightforward way of portraying that.

Have you continued working with Henning Fürst on your new stuff?
– No, I’m doing everything by myself now.

You worked with him on your album Side by Side. How did that collaboration work?
– It just took a bit too long to work with someone since I know what I want and discussing it with another person back and forth is very time consuming.

Did the collab and that whole album help you find you sound?
– No, I think what I’m releasing now is much more my own sound. He tried to polish a lot of it but I like to be closer to the demo feel. If you don’t have the budget to make it Max Martin-good then I think it’s better to keep it lo-fi. I don’t like the in-between.

So what till the new stuff sound like?
– Maybe a bit more organic and raw.

If you don’t have the budget to make it Max Martin-good then I think it’s better to keep it lo-fi. I don’t like the in-between

Would you like to work with other artist on features, making songs together?
– I would really like to work more with other artists, it gets kind of lonely sitting by myself in my studio. Right now there are so many great artists and producers, and a lot them female, who collaborate which I think is awesome. But I kind of feel that I was born a few years too early and sort of missed being part of that wave and crowd.


How long did you work on the Side by Side album?
– The songs were finished in 2012 and the album was done in 2013. Henning did another album in-between and so that delayed it. I also think it would have been easier for both of us if we’d sat down and worked on it together, but we only sent tracks back and forth and didn’t meet, so it took time to get it all done.

Sony released that album and now you’re with Emotion. Do you like it better at an indie label?
– I like it a lot, it’s all very relaxed and we do it all together. When you work with the same people it’s easier getting closer to them and building trust, which fits me.

You released music videos for both Side by Side and Fire. Will there be more?
– I bought a camera so I can make them myself now. The ideas are always the hard part, and the most important. All the other stuff can always be solved.


Do you have any gigs planned?
– I have a show coming up in the end August, but I wont be doing any shows before that, I don’t have the time. I’ll do that show and then just take it from there. You really learn that there’s no point in blowing things out of proportion.

Did you feel you were doing that before?
– No, but I thought there was gonna be more stuff happening around the record. I only got to do two interviews linked to that whole release. I’m taking it slow now, with no expectations. I just wont it to grow naturally.

That sounds like a pretty sweet attitude!
– Yes, it really is really nice, for real!


Photos by: Liam Warton