Joy’s new single “is better than your mama’s homemade lasagna”

Joy just put out her new single Jag Har Änte Gjort Nått, a guilty pleasure anthem that’s “a mix of everything you love to hate”, in the rapper’s own words. We had a quick chat to hear what more she has to say about it.

Tell me about your new single!
– My new single is better than your mama’s homemade lasagna, I’ll tell you that. It’s a mix of everything you love to hate. A song for all the fools out there who, just like me, enjoy having fun, even if it sometimes means breaking the law or doing something taboo. Like anal sex.

It’s said to be far from your usual sound. In what way?
– I think that I make a lot more people happy and satisfied with this single. It’s very much to take in but in an easier more ”accepted” way I guess. It’s still me, and it’s still rough but smoother kind of. I don’t know. Point is. It’s a good fucking song and you should listen to it.

Where and when is the perfect place and time to listen to it?
– When breaking the law or when being a bad bad girl.. #guiltypleasure

You’re doing a bunch of festivals this summer, which one are you the most stoked about?
– Bråvalla is my jam. Never been there but I have a great feeling about the festival this year. Maybe cuz I’m performing, I don’t know. All I know is.. Imma kill that bish.

Besides festivals, what will this coming Joy-summer entail?
– I’m going on tour with Maskinen and I’ll also be doing some gigs myself. Both festivals and clubs. Other than that I’ll be making some new music while I’m discovering the world with a big glass of champagne in ma hand. Excuse me.. Hands!

Go break the law while listening to Joy’s new song below!