Kim Cesarion

Earlier this year, Kim Cesarion seduced us all with his taut, yet soulful song Undressed, and today he finally releases his second single Brains Out. We met with Kim on his 23rd birthday to learn more about the rising soul star.  

At the age of four, the young Kim stood in front of the television, mimicking to perfection a violinist’s single move. Taking his interest seriously from the start, his grandmother made sure he got a real violin. His skills in playing the violin eventually got him accepted into a classic music school, where he also learned how to play the piano, the upright bass, and the viola.

Kim grew up surrounded by music, his father a Guadeloupean dancer and musician, and his mother a Swedish-Greek instrumentalist. Together with a strict Russian master as a tutor, they made up the perfect combination to get Kim where he is today.

– I’ve always been surrounded by music, but I was never pressured to do it myself – I wanted to. Of course my parents helped me in finding music as a way of expression, but it has always been my decision, Kim explains.

I’ve always been surrounded by music

The day we meet with Kim in the studio of photographer Viktor Fremling, a rainy summer’s day in Stockholm, happens to be his twenty-third birthday. Despite his young age, his celebrated debut single Undressed has already reached worldwide fame. For Kim, who keeps up with social media, the positive response has been overwhelming.

– I keep getting tweets and comments on my Instagram account from people all over the world saying they love my song. It has got an incredible viral reach. The other day there was someone from Malaysia who wrote to me, it feels crazy.

Humble towards his quick rise to stardom, Kim emphasizes the importance of keeping your feet to the ground.

– My fans mean a lot to me, Kim says. I love that I can communicate with them directly through Instagram and Twitter, and I frequently re-post and respond to their comments. Somehow I think that it keeps me grounded to have that channel of communication with my fans.

Kim Cesarion. Photo by Viktor J. Fremling.
Kim Cesarion. Photo by Viktor J. Fremling.

With a childhood full of different kinds of music and instruments, it wasn’t until Kim began upper secondary school that he found his main instrument – his own voice. Shortly after his graduation, he began working together with the songwriter Arnthor Birgisson from production and management team Aristotracks, and in April this year Kim made his debut with the highly celebrated single Undressed. The song is a taut, yet soulful fusion of pop and r’n’b, influenced by idols such as Prince, D’Angelo, and Stevie Wonder. Since the release, Undressed has climbed the charts in several countries, reaching gold status in Denmark and platinum in Sweden. The nearest future will be busy as he prepares for an international launch in the UK and the US.

Not only has Kim been praised for his music, he’s also been noted for his impeccable style. He made live debut at the Swedish fashion brand Hunkydory’s AW13 show, and during the recent Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week he attended many of the shows himself.

– Style is very important to me, Kim says. It is another way to express myself.

Today is the official release of Kim’s second single Brains Out, where you clearly hear the influences from Prince in the lower funky verses that rise to a slick pop refrain in falsetto. A trait that we most probably will learn to know as Kim Cesarion.

Listen to the new single Brains Out and watch the lyrics video above.

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Photos by Viktor J. Fremling.