KMODI is a Stockholm-based DJ trio consisting of Kou, Mofidy and Dïla. They’ve been spinning tunes together since 2014 and focus mainly on music styles such as UK Garage, Tropical Bass and Future Beats – although they prefer not to be bound by genres. Their strength is in the fun mix of styles. We had a chat with the three music nerds.

How did you start DJing together? And how did the three of you meet?
Kou: Me and Dilan met in high school and started to produce music together. Around 2013 we teamed up with Tina and became her sensei’s. The deejaying came very naturally since we all had backgrounds in music and a good chemistry together. We were also pretty tired of the club music here in Stockholm and wanted a change.

Where and how do you find most of your new music?
Mofidy: I go through my favourite DJ’s sets, lurk hard on SoundCloud likes and also from friends who always send me bomb music.
Dïla: SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and from other friends DJing and producing music.
Kou: Same as above!

What kind of clubs and parties do you prefer to play at?
All: Anywhere there is a crowd that is open-minded and open to a different musical experience, and beautiful or cool venues are always nice.

Do you have a favorite DJ-gig memory?
Mofidy: We played at this very fancy hotel here in Stockholm and after we got free food at their restaurant. We were so drunk and laughing loudly while Dilan kept yelling “Take the most expensive meal!!” We made all the rich snobs uncomfortable. I guess KMODI always keeps it hood.
Dïla: I think it’s the first time that I played actually. I was super scared and nervous, but still nailed it with my ”Casanova” Moombah remix haha. We’ve had so many other awesome nights of course, but that one will always be special.
Kou: I remember the release party for my debut EP Hyperacusis EP around 2 years ago, during the summer. All our friends were gathered and we had such an amazing night. I had put down a lot of work into it so it was an important one, and also my mom was proud so that was extra nice.

What’s the most odd DJ-gig you’ve had?
Mofidy: So there was a guy we owed some favours, who told me and Dilan to play at this new hip terrace in the middle of nowhere. Dilan was late so I showed up all by myself and the first person I see is one of my old classmates’ father performing salsa and trying to hype up all these old ass people. I couldn’t believe my eyes. By the time a shawty asked me to play Cornelis Vreeswijk I knew that was my exit.
Kou: I was playing at a Pride party once and decided to flex a little bit right beside the DJ booth. I started to swing my whole body while holding onto the bar, when it suddenly broke. I fell down instantly on the ground where people were dancing and having fun. It was not so cool…
Dïla: Well, it’s a recent one where the electricity in the whole place just went off. We have a weird connection to that place, because either something super good happens or something fucked up. It’s like a weird curse haha. Anyway, it took a while for the electricity to come back but once it did we had one of our best gigs, the vibe was amazing and the room super packed.

Do you have any favourite producers/artists right now? Why them?
Kou: I’m listening a lot to Dotorado Pro at the moment, I like the energy and tropical elements in his productions. I’m also listening to Cralias, who recently released an EP. Those tracks pretty much sums up the kind of sounds and vibe that I’m into at the moment. Sometimes I also get an urge to go back and listen to my old favourite tunes that I once was addicted to.
Dïla: I just discovered two really dope producers from Paris called YO-ZU, they have that really nice Sángo sound. I helped out booking them to play here in Sweden at the Basement Music Open Air because they are so good, so check them out and definitely hear them play here in August if you can. Full Crate and Jarreau Vandals new releases are sick, as always. Jorja Smith and Sabrina Claudio are also artists that I’m crushing on at the moment.
Mofidy: Dj MaBoOku is giving me all types of party vibes, I just want to pack my bag and go back to Portugal. Cadenza – I love everything about the UK bass scene and he is definitely giving some new flavours and fresh sounds. Nadia Rose is killing the grime scene and we had the honour to open for her here in Stockholm (s/o to the club Night Vision), I’ve been obsessed with her ever since. And lastly, Princess Nokia, who I’m also obsessed with.


And last but not least, what are your plans for the future?
Dïla: We’re currently working on a debut-EP together, collabing with some dope producers abroad. And if things go as planned, we will release it soon. Other than that we are just focusing on DJ-gigs and working on interesting new projects that we’ll hopefully be able to reveal in the near future!

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foto: Kevin Chris Nanyombi