Le Kid

After years of reality TV and singers looking to get rich quick, it’s hard to believe that some pop groups still make music for the love of it. We caught up with Märta and Felix from one such band, the colourful and exuberant Le Kid.

Le Kid look like walking pop art, can you tell us a bit about where your style comes from?
– Well this is how we are, it’s our own style, says Märta. But it’s our own style enhanced. We look online for people who make great outfits, and we use pop culture references in our look and in our music. So our style is a tribute to all the things we love.

Your visual presence really comes across in your videos, how do you make them and how involved are you in the process?
– The first three videos were made for amounts of money that the label should never have given us, laughs Felix, but the aim is always to make something fun. With the last video for We Are Young we just ran around with iPhones looking ecstatic.

I saw that video, what did the people in the background think of you filming them?
– Haha! There were a lot of embarrassing situations filming that one, says Märta. But for our new single, Physical, we had a really amazing director called Nikeisha Andersson working with us.

– She’s a twenty-year-old genius, says Felix.

– We talked to her about our ideas first, says Märta. We always come up with the idea for a video together with the director because we know who we want to be and how we want things done.

– It makes us the best and worst band to work with, says Felix. We’re great with ideas, but we also get really involved.

Our style is a tribute to
all the things we love

And with two singles out can we expect an album soon?
– I think since we did the first album four years ago, and waited two years to release it, we’ve changed our mind about albums, says Felix. It’s not about writing all your songs and then waiting for the perfect marketing opportunity to release them. We’re going to release what we do song by song and maybe it will be an EP, but maybe we’ll just keep releasing them as singles and people can get excited about each one instead of waiting around and getting them all at once.

What was the reason for the time between the last album and these new tracks?
– Well me and Märta are songwriters and producers for a couple of different artists and we’ve been doing all sorts of things in between. Le Kid is our pet project, something that we do because we enjoy it.

So do you ever save up the good ideas you have for other people and keep them for yourselves?
– Yeeaaah, hahaha! they say in unison.

You work with some big names as writers and producers, how do you get the time to perform live?
– We make time, says Felix. We’ve played 20 or 30 gigs in Germany this year, we tour small, weird motor shows…

– …and then really big stuff like NRJ in the Park with 10,000 people in the audience, says Märta. It’s been amazing. I don’t know why Germans love us, I think they like pop music and we’re a little bit different.

You look like you could be cartoon characters sometimes, are there a lot of different personalities in the band?
– You mean like the Spice Girls? Yeah there’s Angry Kid, Bitter Kid, Vengeful Kid..laughs Felix.

– We are all very different, says Märta, and Le Kid is what we all bring to it. We’re good at different things and Le Kid is a product of us all.

How did you meet? If you work as producers did you get your pick of singers?
– Johanna and Helena sang on some other tracks and we liked them, says Märta.

– We were pleased they wanted to work with us because it’s surprisingly hard to find good singers in Sweden and surprisingly easy to find good writers and producers.

Is that because it’s freezing cold and everyone wants to live in a cave for half the year instead of standing on a stage?
– Exactly, laughs Felix. And because we have state-subsidised music schools anyone can go and learn the flute or whatever, it’s great for Sweden. We’re such a small nation but we produce so much good music, and that’s because everyone gets the opportunity to go and learn weird melodies and play an instrument.

So did you both go to music school?
– Yeah, I studied piano, says Felix.

– Violin, ten years, laughs Märta.

– Did you? they shout to the Radar photographer

– Piano!

– Haha! See it’s everyone, laughs Felix. That’s why we have so many good bands.

And do you find the music you make with Le Kid is a nice break from the songs you write for other people?
– We don’t think of it like that, we write songs the way we think they should sound, regardless of who’s going to sing them. That’s the only way to do it right. 

Photos by Mathilda Österlund.

The music video for Physical is directed by Nikeisha Andersson.