Lucy Love

Ever since she first began making music in her early twenties, Danish musician Lucy Love has made herself known for her unique blend of sparkling electronic pop and heavy grime, not to mention her charismatic stage persona.

Music, art, costume, videos, technology, and visuals all come together in the boundless universe that is Lucy Love. She released her debut album Superbillion in 2009, followed by Kilo in 2010, both of which put her on the map as one of the most interesting Scandinavian musicians. This September will see the release of her third album, Desperate Days of Dynamite, which, according to Lucy herself, will mark turning point for Danish superstar. We met with Lucy before her show at the Weekday stage during Way Out West festival a few weeks ago, to talk about how it all started.

– I had never imagined that I would make music, Lucy says. My dad was a DJ, and I’ve always been listening to a lot of music, but I never thought that I would be a performer. I was way too shy.

In 2003 Lucy began arranging drum and bass and dubstep raves in Lund in the South of Sweden. She was then asked to book some grime DJs, a genre she never listened to before. It wasn’t long until she was hooked.

– I basically decided from one day to the other that I wanted to learn how to rap, Lucy says. I had been singing for a while before, trying to be like Erykah Badu, but this was something else, something that not many people had done in Denmark. Especially not females. It was a niche that I could just fill up.

I basically decided from one day to the other that I wanted to learn how to rap

– I began making music when I was about twenty years old. I made my first song using Garage Band on my sister’s Mac. I wrote a text and just recorded it. It sounded like crap, but back then I thought it was really good. I guess I had a lot of confidence, she laughs.

When Lucy began making music she mixed the dark and heavy grimes genre with sparkling pop melodies and relentlessly hooky beats into a truly unique and boundless style. Together with her charismatic stage persona and distinctive visual expression, she make the true definition of a modern star in flux. Music, art, costume, videos, technology, and visuals all come together in the universe that is Lucy Love, and she does a most of her videos and visuals herself.

– I’ve been interested in art since forever. I started painting when I was five and studied at the School of Fine Arts in Denmark. I don’t think that you can be a musician today without being aware of the visual aspect, and I think that I have an advantage that I’ve been working with images so many years. It comes easy to me. If you create mainstream music you have to think about your image and the way you present yourself. They are very closely linked.

Where do you find your inspirations?
– I listen to a lot of stuff. I listen to everything from Gossip, Arctic Monkeys, and White Lies to Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and Rihanna. I don’t really listen that much to underground music, and nothing that’s similar to my own music.

– I can also find inspiration in the things around me. I collect everything that is kind of graphical, such as rhino toys and comic books. My whole office is crowded with these things, so I just have to sit there and eventually something will come to me.

Desperate days of dynamite, that can be both good and bad, right?

Besides the music Lucy also works as an art director and runs her own record label, called Superbillion. Something that explains why it has taken her three years to finish her upcoming third album, Desperate Days of Dynamite.

– Most of the album has been made in the last six months, even if I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time, Lucy says. It has just been difficult to find the time for it. I spend most of my time working as an art director, and as we recently signed the artist Linkoban to our record label I’ve spent a lot of time working with her. But now we’re almost done with the album, we just need to add some last touches.

– I’m very excited about this album, it feels like turning a page. There will be a big jump from my two previous albums, and if you haven’t listened to a lot of Lucy Love before, this will be a good point to start.

How do you believe that your style has developed since you first started making music?
– When I first started I made more underground music, but it has slowly turned into urban pop. I make more sing along tunes now than in the beginning.

– The music of my upcoming album will be uplifting and uptempo, but the lyrics will be darker and kind of depressive. The title, Desperate Days Of Dynamite, comes from my state of mind when I made it. It’s about balance. Desperate days of dynamite, that can be both good and bad, right?

Lucy Love’s album Desperate Days Of Dynamite will be released on September the 23d. 

Photos by Yulia Lindberg.