Midaircondo about their new album, creating imaginative worlds and drinking good coffee

Today electronic duo Midaircondo releases their album IV (yes, it’s their fourth one), a hypnotic and dark avant-garde creation. Radar asked the band a few questions, including why they decided to record their work in front of a live audience.

Tell me about your new album IV!
– It was recorded at Svenska Grammofonstudion in Gothenburg during two evening sessions with an audience present. We produced it ourselves and mixed it together with August Wanngren in Copenhagen. The first edition of the album comes as double vinyl in a limited hand made collectors box of 150 copies, with artwork by our amazing designer Ola Ingvarsson.

Why did you record it in front of a live audience?
– We see ourselves primarily as a live band and our concerts are always improvised all way through. We wanted to capture the special presence and focus that you get when you’re playing in front of people.

Describe the perfect place and time to listen to IV!
– You should listen to it on vinyl with good headphones, eyes closed, drinking your favourite drink and escape with us to places far away.

You’ve been making music together for more than 10 years now. What’s the most important thing you’ve learned during all this time?
– To be playful, present and follow your impulses and to accept and act on each other’s impulses. When we play we kind of remind each other to listen and really try to act on what’s going on right now. It’s not about reproducing a perfect picture, it’s about creating something new each time we play. Our idea of what is beautiful has changed over the years and we talk a lot about the beauty in the imperfect.

Do you guys ever fight?
– Of course! We’ve played together for 12 years now and have been through so many different stages in our relationship. But still being a band probably means those fights or differences in opinion was something that made us go forward.

The video for this album’s lead track Higher is such a piece of art. How important is the visual part of your artistry?
– It’s always been a part of Midaircondo. We’ve never seen it as a part of it’s own. It’s all about creating an experience for an audience and the senses are the tools you as an artist have to work with. So that what you see, what you hear and what you feel all come together. Our music is also a lot about creating imaginative worlds and it comes natural to visualise it in as many ways as possible.

– The Higher video was made by Torbjörn Martin and Daniel Bladini and they understood our music so well. It was a perfect match and the video really takes the song to another level.

Who would you like to work with, if you could choose any artist/band?
– That’s hard – so many! But let’s go with David Bowie this time!

Name three hopes for 2015!
– We want to bring our music to new audiences in Sweden and abroad, drink a lot of good coffee and we hope that the world join each other instead of beating each other down.