Pale Honey about making their debut album (while as always, life happened)

After getting a lot of attention for Youth – the first single off their debut album – minimalistic rock duo Pale Honey has now released their entire first record. We touched base with the band members Tuva and Nelly to hear more.

You just got back from tour. How was it?
– It was great really! We were gone for almost three weeks and we’ve met so many wonderful people along the way, tried new food and beer, found the best food truck in Budapest and been sweating on stage.

How has the last year been for you guys, since releasing your debut EP?
– We’ve been mostly working on the album and everything around it. There’s a lot more to it than just playing and hitting the studio, it’s really been a long process.

Tell me about the process of making your self-titled debut album!
– We sat down one winter at a bar in Gothenburg together with producer Anders Lagerfors for a meeting after two years of silence to instantly agree on that we have to make an album together – whether it would turn out to be a full-length or another EP. It was really a great feeling, we remember being really nervous about it at first since we had been locked in the rehearsal room for years and always thought about how great it was working with Anders, and it turned out that he had been feeling the same way.

We’ve all went through a lot both together and personally during the process (as always, life happens)

Where did you record it?
– We ended up recording at three different studios in three cities, Gothenburg, Paris and Stockholm mixed with some work at Anders apartments. We locked ourselves up in the rehearsal room once again and worked from home, continuously sending demos to Anders who plucked his favourites and made pre-productions that he sent back. It was really exciting working like this, constantly giving feedback to each other’s ideas and developing things together the whole way.

Did you have a specific theme in mind while making it?
– Not really, we mostly wanted the songs to fit together well and be sure to release songs that we were proud of. We’ve all went through a lot both together and personally during the process (as always, life happens) and it has just grown into the songs naturally. It feels good to bundle them all up together to an album and really move on in some way.


Where and when would be the perfect place/time to listen to this album, in your opinion?
– In bed, in the car or just on the move perhaps. The songs do have different moods, but we love lying down in bed with a glass of wine and playing music so that it fills the entire room.

You’ve been friends for a long time, how do you guys work together?
– We do everything together during the work process and come up with new ideas, give each other constant feedback, and simply try things together to see what works and what doesn’t. We’ve got a pretty clear idea of what we want to do and release under the “Pale Honey-label” so it goes very smooth most of the times. It’s super fun to work and be so passionate and involved in something together with your best friend.

We just thought ‘fuck it, we’re the ones who want to do this the most and we do it damn good together as well’

Is there a story behind the band name Pale Honey (and how come you switched from calling yourselves The Tapes)?
– There’s no epic story behind it to tell, but we might come up with something good soon enough to make it more dramatic… We simply wanted to change the name of the band since there already were some The Tapes combinations surfacing in the music scene and that wasn’t good enough for us.

– Once we figured out that we should make the music in a duo-constellation (just being the two of us instead of continuing searching for a third perfect, but very hard-to-find member) we just thought “fuck it, we’re the ones who want to do this the most and we do it damn good together as well”. This sort of revelation also marked a new, fresh breeze for us and to manifest it we simply wanted to go on under another name. We both loved the word “honey” and had to find at least one more word to combine it with and “pale” was the right one for us.

Name three things you’ll definitely do this summer!
– Play music until our ears bleed, drink beer and have a damn good coffee.