Pre Gagnef: Madi Banja

We had a quick chat with Madi Banja about his upcoming gig at Gagnef (and about his and Lorentz’ thing for singing about drinks).

The Gagnef festival will take place this weekend in the woods of Dalarna in Sweden. Great music, art and beautiful scenery are on the agenda. We caught up with Madi Banja, who’s playing on Saturday, to hear what he has planned for us.

Hi Madi! How are you doing?
– It’s all good in the hood! Up in the studio chilling ;)

How are you feeling about your gig at Gagnef?
– I’m really excited! It’s my first time at the festival and hopefully it won’t be the last time..

You’ve only released two songs so far; will we hear new material at your gig?
– Absolutely! I always got something in store for my fans! ;)

In your latest song Du & Jag you’re singing about Sambuca, and your good friend Lorentz seems to have a thing for Mimosas. What will be the next drink to sing about?
– If we talk about it then it’s not going to be a surprise. And we like to surprise! LMTH Lifestyle! No one knows what it means but its provocative.

How will you spend your summer?
– Hopefully record bomb music and just enjoy the sun with my friends and family. Let’s make that happen life style huh!

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