Pre Gagnef: Sabina Ddumba

Sabina Ddumba will enter Gagnef’s very own amphitheatre tomorrow at the Swedish festival. We had a quick talk with the singer about her gig, the upcoming album – and the fact that she’s a real badkruka.

Tell us about your gig at Gagnef, what can we expect?
– Oh wow, I’m super excited about this gig! Hmm, you can expect me and my band playing song that not a lot people have heard. And us having fun together with the amazing Gagnef-visitors.

Have you been to the festival before?
– No I have never. I really do look forward to the festival, I’ve heard some great things about it.

Will you go for any swims in the Dala-river?
– If I know myself right… No I won’t. I’m the biggest badkruka (bath coward) of them all.

What else will your summer entail?
– More gigs and I’m hoping to take my driver’s license this summer. So pray for me haha

Last time you spoke to Radar you told us you’re hoping to release your album this fall, and that it’s gonna have more of an Effortless vibe rather than a Scarred vibe. Is that still the case? 
– I don’t know when the album will come. We’ll see! Everything changes all the time. Hard to talk about the album when it’s not done. Uhm but I do think it has more of an Effortless vibe rather than Scarred for Life vibe even though I don’t think that it’s a fair explanation of how the other songs will sound like. Just wait and see :)

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