Pre Grammys: Beatrice Eli

Beatrice Eli definitely made a mark on 2014. Proof of that is not only her amazing debut album Die Another Day, but also her nominations for Best Pop and Best New Artist at the Swedish Grammy Awards. Radar had a quick chat with the singer.


Congrats to your nominations! Which prize would you rather win?
– Thank you! Hmm Best Pop maybe…

If you win, where will you put the prize/prizes?
– My apartment is so small and packed with stuff already. Guess I’d stuff it somewhere underneath my bed where I still have some space left.

You’ve been touring with Die Another Day and will keep on doing gigs this spring. Which song do you enjoy the most to play live?
– I still love doing Girls. I think that’s the biggest crowd pleaser and I really enjoy hearing people sing along. Makes me feel like me and the crowd are this big unit.

Have you started working on new music? In that case, can you tell us anything about which direction it’s heading?
– Yes I have, me and Saska Becker started working in December last year. Right now I think it sounds post-disco/post-punk. I listen a lot to Madonna, Grace Jones and Depeche Mode at the moment.

When can we expect new music from you?
– Might drop a little something something before summer…

And finally: Will you wear that amazing leather jacket you wore at P3 Guld to the Grammys?
– No I’ll be wearing another one to the Grammys but you’ll see me wearing it on tour I’m sure!

Photography by: Märta Thisner