Pre Way Out West: Maja Francis

Maja Francis is working on getting her paper flower decorations down to Gothenburg without breaking them. We had a quick chat with the singer about the upcoming gig at Way Out West, and more.

How are you doing?
– At the moment I’m good. Drinking late morning coffee in my Unicorn mug and planning for a day off in the grass.

How’s your summer been?
– This summer has been all about music, about late summer nights with my childhood friends and about my dear grandmother Elsie that decided to leave this world at age 97. There’s also been lots of ice coffee, prosecco and barefoot walks.

How are you feeling about your gig at Way Out West?
– I’m sooo excited! And so nervous and scared! Rehearsed with my band for two days and it feels really good. My biggest problem at the moment is how to get my paper flower decorations down to Gothenburg without breaking them.

You’re releasing the single Space Invades my Mind on Friday. What’s the song about?
– It’s about escapism. About leaving reality when it hurts and pretend you’re somewhere else, like space. I like the thought of it not having a beginning or an end.

Update: Listen to Maja Francis and Veronica Maggio’s duet below.

The song is a duet with Veronica Maggio whom you’ve known for a few years now, right? What’s it like writing music together?
– Yes, we’ve been friends for a few years now. It’s really special to write music with someone that knows all your ups and downs, inside and outs. Lyrics become more real. We always have so much fun when we write. She’s a songwriter genius. I’m learning so much from her. It’s also been a challenge for me to write with other people and at the same time speak up and share my own ideas, even when it’s my close friend.

What’s up next for you?
– Music wise: Releasing my second single, playing a few more summer live-shows then I’ll go back to writing mode and exploring my musical world even more. Life wise: Spend more time down south by the ocean and eat more fruit.

Maja Francis is playing at 00.50 AM Friday morning at Bananpiren.