Pre Way Out West: Say Lou Lou

Expect a “more rave-y” gig than usual from Say Lou Lou at Way Out West this coming weekend. We caught up with the duo right before their gig at Skansen in Stockholm.

How are you guys doing?
Good. Performing on Allsång på Skansen tonight!

What’s the best/funniest thing that’s happened this summer so far?
– Playing a festival in Northern Finland. Our keyboardist and our guitarist did a tandem bungyjumped and Miranda got a piercing.

Say Lou Lou Miranda

How are you feeling about your gig at Way Out West?
– Excited! It’s gonna be a late night one.

What can we expect from the gig?
– Probably more rave-y than the gigs we’ve done previous this summer.

Say Lou Lou Elektra

I love your new song Inferno, can you tell me what it’s about?
– Thank you. Inferno is about the destructive part of you, or a destructive part of a relationship, that you can’t go without.

Last time we spoke you said this about your next album: “At the moment we feel we wanna go a bit more indie, maybe a bit more rock. Indie pop, rock.” Is that still the case?
– We change our minds all the time, but it’ll definitely be a bit less soft.

Say Lou Lou are playing at 03.10 AM Sunday morning, at Bananpiren. 

Photography by: Liam Warton