Pre Yard #2: Delta Funktionen & Maya Lourenco

Maya Lourenco will give the crowd hypnotic deep vibes by the campfire and Delta Funktionen might drop some forgotten classics. We caught up with two of the acts performing at Yard this Saturday.

Yard’s first mini festival of the year was quite a magical night. Now it’s time for event number two of three, and for this occasion the festival presents acts from Holland and England together with local talent. We had a chat with two of the acts to hear more about what we can expect at Saturday’s event.

We’ve also gotten our hands on 2 x 2 tickets to the event and we want to share them with you! :D

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delta fuktionen

Delta Funktionen

How are you doing?
– I’m good, thank you. Just spent two days in sunny Thessaloniki. Great food, lovely weather and good company. Got me quite recharged and ready for the next weekend!

How are you feeling about playing at Yard?
– It should be good! The line-up looks very nice. Diverse and quality all the way. Exactly how I like it.

Where does the name “Delta Funktionen” come from?
– No comment.

In what way has working in a record store when you were younger influenced you as a DJ and producer?
– It was a second hand shop, so being surrounded by all these classic Detroit and Chicago records was just a great way of learning and understanding where this music comes from. For my DJ:ing it was quite a big influence. I have so many rarities, although many got repressed over the last three years, and they still somehow form the backbone of my sets. Not that I only play classic stuff, but from time to time it’s nice to drop some rare forgotten gems.

– As a producer it influenced me in a way that I’ve wanted to work more with hardware. I simply love the sounds of old school drum computers and synthesizers. So slowly I’ve been developing my studio with some of my favourite pieces of equipment from the old days. Now that I’ve kinda completed that, I’m more looking to incorporate newer gear and find nice combinations between the vintage and the new sounds.

What do you listen to outside of dance music?
– Well, ‘dance music’… I’d rather say I just listen to electronic music. And that covers music from the 70’s till today. And basically all of it is made electronically. I’m not so much interested in other genres or traditional instruments like guitars. It just doesn’t please my ears as much as electronic music does.

Listen to one of Delta Funktionen’s sets below:

Maya Lourenco DJ photo Izabella Englund

Maya Lourenco

How are you doing?
– I’m quite pissed off right now cause some idiots just stole my DJ-gear BUT besides that I’m really excited about playing and working with Yard!

What can we expect from your set at Yard?
– I’m hoping to give the audience myself. My inner soul put out through the music. I’m in a hypnotic state and I really hope I can give the crowd some hypnotic deep vibes when they are standing by Yard’s campfire.

How do you best prepare for a gig?
– I usually try to visualize what kind of crowd I will have, the vibe, and the place. And then I just play couple of hours at home with that feeing in mind and pack the bag until it doesn’t fit any more.

Do you ever play drunk?
– Yes.

Which song would you put on at a summery after party when the sun’s all up?
– I really hate these questions when you have too choose only one track… If I were to play a summery after party track this weekend it would be: Zendid – Biantour (Plaisir Records).

Listen to the Radar mix Maya made us last year below.

Radar Mix: Maya Lourenço

Tickets for Yard #2 are available at:

Here’s the whole line-up for the event: Jamie Fry b2b Evan Baggs, John Osborn, Karenn, Delta Funktionen, Samuel Deep, Sander Baan b2b, Jason Lanox, Jessie Granqvist, Martin Kling b2b Axel Hallqvist, Maya Lourenco and Sthlm Murder Girls.