Silvana Imam, XOV, Kleerup and Vulkano prepare for by:Larm

Silvana Imam will take a shot before the show, XOV will play never-heard-before music, Vulkano are looking forward to inhaling Norwegian air and Kleerup is expecting a burst of joy. Radar checked in with four of the Swedish acts at this years by:Larm festival.

Tomorrow it’s time for the 18th annual by:Larm festival in Olso. The line-up with around 100 acts includes a bunch of Swedish artists and we decided to catch up with four of them before the festival kick-start.

Silvana Imam

Silvana Imam

Tell us, what’s been going on lately?
– I’ve isolated myself from the world to work on my album. Also I’ve been working on my show adding more elements to it. My manager Babak, my best friend/stylist Hanna and my girlfriend are the only people I see, that’s my holy trinity :)

How are you feeling about playing at by:Larm?
– Feels great! I’ve actually never been to Oslo so I’m gonna hang around town and try to see some bands as well.

How do you usually prepare for a gig?
– Like a basketball game. I try to visualize every minute of it and always end up doing spontaneous stuff. Oh and we always take a shot just minutes before the show and listen to some turned up music.



Last time we spoke, we met up at your place in the Stockholm archipelago. But you’ve been spending time in LA now, right? What have you been up to?
– Yup, that’s right. I don’t get to spend much time on the island anymore :/ I’m currently in LA working on the final touches on my debut album with my production partner KONO. We’ve been producing and recording in the hills 24/7. Almost done now, and it feels and sounds great…

What can we expect from you show at By:Larm?
– A full show, with my band, the lights and the whole shabang… plus some never-heard-before music from my album!

And last question: how’s Everly, your dog?
– She’s mad cause she didn’t get to come to LA this time, but I’ll see her next week!



How are you feeling about By:Larm?
– We are super excited. We’ve heard a lot of good stuff about the festival and this is our first show in Norway. We have new songs that we’re gonna play and we’re looking forward to inhale the fresh Norweigan air.

How is it different playing a gig outside of Sweden?
– It’s not too different, it’s only more exiting.

– You recently shared the video for Spider Spider, which is sort of marine themed (there are a lot of octopuses and you guys were feasting on oysters). Which is your favorite sea animal?
– Our favourite sea animals are octopuses and oysters.



You’re playing at by:Larm, what are your expectations?
– I expect a good mood and and exemplary performance and bursts of joy.

Do you ever get nervous before going on stage?
– I usually never get nervous before going on stage, i usually just wanna get up there :)
How’s that next EP coming along?
– The next e.p or l.p is coming along just fine. I will come back soon with more music. Thanx!!!