Combining electronic elements with soulful melodies and mesmerising vocals, Sirena just released her new single Don’t Fear the Water. We met with the emerging artist to find out more about the new song, her inspirations, and how water has had an influence on her music.

Born in Barcelona, the half Swedish, half Spanish singer and songwriter Sirena is known to captivate the audience with her mesmerising voice. After a successful collaboration with Galavant and her debut single Love is Not, Sirena is now back with the brand new single Don’t Fear the Water, a song that she describes as a “choir of mermaids”.

– The name Sirena comes from mythological tales about the Sirens who enchanted sailors to drown in the sea. The name reflects who I am, playful but melancholic, as well as my love for fantasy.

How would you describe your sound?
– I would describe my sound as spiritual pop. I’m fascinated by the combination of electronic elements and soulful melodies.

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Tell us more about your new single Don’t Fear The Water.
– I was visiting Turkey a while ago, and one evening I was standing on a terrace watching the heavy rainstorm outside. I felt a little bit scared and started singing the line Don’t Fear the Water My Friend. The song felt right and it just poured out of me. As I developed the lyrics it gained a deeper meaning. Water can stand for so many things, like emotions, sadness, love, nature, and fear.

Where do you find inspiration?
– I can get inspiration from everything, but it depends on how I feel and what I see. I always create movies and scenes in my head when I’m writing, which makes me even more inspired. Every song is a new story to tell. I usually start the process with my guitar, and I write almost all of my songs myself.

How did your collaboration with Galavant start?
– When I met with Noonie Bao, we quickly realized that we shared many values regarding music and artistry, so she signed me to her management. This resulted more or less in an instant collaboration with Galavant, and the song Tonight, which also became the theme song of  Swedish festival Summerburst.

What’s next?
– At the moment I’m spending a lot of time writing for my upcoming album. I’ve also started some interesting collaborations with other artists. And my next single will be released in February.

Watch the video for Sirena’s new single Don’t Fear the Water above.