Tova Wellton

Born in Stockholm and based in London, Tova Wellton is the new queen of beats. Next week will see the release of her debut EP Blessure and we caught up with the young DJ and producer to discuss inspiration, equality, and dreams.

Do you have any first memory surrounding music?
– Oh! When I when I was little I always stole my mom’s LP records. So I would say Pink Floyd. That is my childhood.

– Since then I’ve always been into music. I started to DJ back in 2006, but been producing since two years.

Tell us about your debut EP.
Blessure is the debut EP of mine and will be released in mid December. The name is created with the feel from both high and lows from my life the past year. When the person closest to me got cancer my world fell apart. But also highs moving in together with my boyfriend and having great people around me.

Where do you find inspiration and influences?
– From people and surroundings close to me. London as a city, friends, men, and family.

How do you usually work out the songs?
– I love beats. I usually work around the emotion in the melody first. And then I create a beat that lifts that a bit higher, the beat is the underline for the emotion I guess.

The past seven years you’ve been DJing quite a lot. What are the main differences between being a DJ and making music of your own?
– While playing someone else’s music you are bound to their capacity. Then you have a bit of room for your own to create. While creating or producing music you are totally bound to yourself. I see that as more freedom. You only put limits on yourself in your way of produce.

There is a way of think about equality in Stockholm, but never taking action upon it to make a change

What do you listen to yourself?
– At the moment I’m kind of into a lot of soul and neo, which is good since my work is extremely intense right now. It gives me to create new melodies.

Do you have any dream collaborations?
– I would love to produce together with a lot of producers. Mainly UK based Benga and Sampha, Brooke Candy since she is out of her mind, James Blake, Rejjie Snow since he is out of his mind too and I think I could create great beats for him.

A few years back you initiated a heated debate on the male dominance in the music industry. Do you think anything has changed since then?
– I was living in Stockholm only a year after the debate so I didn’t see any major change. Maybe in the way people see on the structure. Of course there was more initiative to have more females into the club scene but the problem still stands there. There is a way of think about equality in Stockholm, but never taking action upon it to make a change. Which is extremely sad.

So what’s next? And shows in Stockholm?
– Last year I did a lot of mini touring in Sweden but, only with DJ-set. Maybe next year will hopefully bring more live sets. I will start with a UK tour since I’m based here.

– I’m currently in the studio recording vocals for a new record that I produce, set for next year.

Tova Wellton’s debut EP Blessure will be out next week.