Formed in 2011 by the four friends Pierre Riddez, Rickard Renström, Samuel Lundin, and Zacharias Zachrisson, the psychedelic quartet Tussilago recently toured Sweden, including a show at Way Out West in August. This week will see the release of their debut EP, and we took the opportunity to ask them a few questions.

How would you describe your music?
– Progressive dreamy pop rock. Ish.

Where do you find your influences?
– We try not to be too influenced by other bands, Samuel and Rckard says. We listen to a lot of music that we’re inspired by, but not necessarily directly influenced by. We’ve never tried to sound like anyone else. However, what first got us into music was the Verve, the Libertines, and Philemon Arthur and the Dung.

You are just about to release your first EP. How does it feel?
– It feels great, Pierre says. It feels like having a cat that has kittens, and then having to give them away when they’re old enough – but the other way around. It’s like having the cake, and eating it too!

Tussilago. Photo by Aron Pelcman.
Tussilago. Photo by Aron Pelcman.

This year Tussilago has been seen on stages all over Stockholm and also in other parts of the country. Where do you feel most at home, on a stage or in the studio?
– In the studio, Samuel says.

– In the kitchen, Zacharias says.

– Alone in a forrest, Rickard says.

– At the center of attention, Pierre says.

What happens next?
– We’re in the midst of writing and recording our full-length album. When we finish the record we’re going to reward ourselves with a trip to India, and when we get back we’re going on tour in order to conquer the world!

Anything else you would like to add?
– Free Pussy Riot!

Tussilago’s debut album drops on October 16. Listen to their music here and stay updated by following them on Facebook.

Photos by Aron Pelcman.