Under the Radar: AnnaMelina

Catharsis—by definition—is release; Katarsis, however, is a release that defies definition.

Katarsis—the latest EP from Stockholm’s AnnaMelina—is subtle purification that drips with bittersweet melancholy. Rather than gushingly purge, AnnaMelina’s morose emotions flow like a frozen stream, slowly melting. There’s a general sense of longing and regret. And we hear it through her lilted vocals, rising like early morning fog over drums and synths that delicately balance trap and R&B. In all, it’s sweet and sad, spanning just five songs that leaves your heart aching for more.

My view right now:
My two sisters, who just woke up, watching Real Housewives of New York.

Most memorable night out:
I think last weekend when I played in Gothenburg and my sister, manager, and friends went out and did the city. Me and my sister had the best talk I have ever had in my life, then we danced for twelve hours, non-stop, and left the last party just in time to catch the 13.35 train back to Stockholm. I fell asleep on the train, and the next thing I know is I woke up—drooling on myself but was to tired to care about the people staring at me. I gave the peace sign and went back to sleep. Such a magical weekend.

Most recent camera photo from your phone:
The last photo on my phone is a sex photo, so I think I’m gonna go with the one taken right before that. At the moment, I’m reading the book Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close. I love it so much, I don’t even want to say anything else but make sure you read it. (Photo taken from inside the masterpiece.)

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Most recent post in Notes:
A poem I wrote on the train about a person I love very much but no longer know.

In my head at the moment:
My grandfather who passed away about a week ago. I miss him.

Song I’m obsessed with at the moment:
GO WAY GO WAY – 24 hrs


When you forget how to breath properly, this can be helpful.

Most addicting YouTube clip:

Someday I want to be able to make something as beautiful as this.