Before Way Out West Pre Party: Aurora

Aurora will play at the Way Out West Pre Party tomorrow. Radar rang up the Norwegian singer to ask her some questions before the gig.

Even though she’s only released a few songs, Aurora Aksnes has rising pop star written all over her. The Norwegian singer was nominated as 2014’s Newcomer at the P3 Gold Awards in Norway and her song Under Stars has topped Hype Machine.

Aurora took a break in the middle of rehearsals for tomorrow’s show to tell us about songwriting, her fear of fame and how she almost pees herself before gigs (hopefully that last part wont happen tomorrow though).

When did you start writing music?
– When I was ten. I wrote Awakening when I was thirteen.

I read you never really dreamt of becoming a musician. Is it weird having people around the world hearing songs you’ve made basically only for your own sake?
– Yes, it’s very weird. And also that people I’ve never met have opinions about my music. But I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from listeners, and some have said that my songs have helped them. That’s why I share my music, so that my songs can help people they way they helped me.

If you’ve been making music since you were ten, does that mean you have a bunch of finished songs that you just can’t wait to release?
– I have so many songs! But you know I’ve changed a lot since I was ten so many of them don’t really fit my style now and they’re not singles I would want to release today.

I’m really scared of the fame and of being recognised by people, that wasn’t really part of the plan

Your debut album will be out this spring. Will it sound like the songs you’ve already released?
– I care a lot about how my music is presented but I also care about what feels right for a particular song. So there will be some variation between the songs but I can say that the whole album will be dark, weird and electronic.

I’m guessing this past year has been kind of crazy for you with your career skyrocketing. Do you like the pop star lifestyle?
– I’m really thankful that I’m able to make music as a living. But at the same time it’s really weird. I’m really scared of the fame and of being recognised by people, that wasn’t really part of the plan.

Does the recognition thing scare you because you’re shy?
– No, I wouldn’t say I’m that shy. I think it would be weird for anybody, to be thought of as this king or queen just because you’re famous when in fact you’re just a normal person.

How do you keep grounded?
– I live on the countryside, which helps a lot. I enjoy the silence, just sitting by myself watching the view. And I hang out with my family a lot, who I’m always myself around. I also think I’m quite down to earth as a person and that probably helps.

You’re playing in Stockholm tomorrow. Is it your first show in Sweden?
– Yes, it is and I’m really looking forward to it. I really like Sweden! I’m just thinking about whether I should speak English or Norwegian on stage…

I think you should speak Norwegian! Do you get nervous before playing live?
– Yes, I do! I almost pee myself!

Haha, really? But then you relax once you start singing?
– Yeah, I kind of forget that I’m nervous when I’m singing. You know you have a job to do in a way, people are there to hear you sing and so you focus on that instead. It’s actually a good way to forget your nerves.

What are your hopes for the future?
– First of all I want to make an album that feels right. When it comes to my career I’m really happy the way things are now, but I know it’s going to get bigger, that’s the plan. I guess I just want to be appreciated and make more music; I don’t care about becoming a superstar.

The Way Out West Pre Party is a showcase party organized by Luger and Universal, in collaboration with Radar Magazine. The event will take place at Mosebacke on February 11th 18–21.30pm. Read more about it here