Winhill/Losehill would love to make a song about mobile phones

Today Winhill/Losehill release their second album, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed debut Swing of Sorrow. Radar rang up singer Jonas Svennem to talk about the new emotion packed release, blinding scanners and choosing song themes.


Trouble Will Snowball is the title of your new album. Why did you choose to name it that?
– It’s a quote from the film Ain’t In It For My Health, a documentary about Levon Helm, the drummer in The Band. Carl sent me a text with a picture from the movie where Levon says “trouble will snowball” and I thought it was such a great end quote.

Your first album had a clear theme; the mourning of a loved one. You’ve said this album is like ten different movies. Does that mean ten different themes?
– We haven’t thought of it like ten clear themes, it’s more like ten different stories, sounds, feelings. The first album was a part in a mourning process, while this one is more about how we now can devote ourselves to our music, the journey of getting where we are now.

Did you feel any pressure working on this album after all the great critique Swing of Sorrow earned you?
– The pressure of getting good reviews isn’t really something I think about when I make music, the music sort of just comes to me naturally. In the beginning of the process I thought about making a new The House is Black but I realised quite quickly that I don’t work that way, I can’t just order myself to make a specific song.

When we’ve made a number of depressing songs in a row we stop and say ‘Hey, it’s time to make a happy song now!’

Do you have a favourite song on the album?
– It varies, but I just rediscovered The News, so at the moment I would say that’s my favourite.

The upcoming music video for I’ll Be Gone seems to be a really ambitious project. Tell me about it!
– Both me and Petrus, who’s also in the band, were involved in making this video. Petrus is this great award winning filmmaker and I also have a background in film. We wanted Linus Johansson, a true visionary, to direct the video. The beat of the song works great with the feeling of the parallel world that we wanted to create in the film.

And you used big scanners and stuff!
– Yeah, we had scanners that scanned whole settings, and then the data created virtual realities. The biggest one was super strong so you had to tell people walking by to go away because the laser could make you blind!

When I think about Winhill/Losehill I think about melancholy. But far from all of your songs are sad…
– I guess we tend to make quite a few sad songs. But when we’ve made a number of depressing songs in a row we stop and say “Hey, it’s time to make a happy song now!” haha. I feel that need to make an optimistic song after a bunch of sad ones, like I Will Never Get Enough, which is such a naive and joyful song.

But you don’t seem like band that would make a song about like going to the club and having a couple of shots?
– I really wouldn’t mind making a song about that. It’s all about making something with a meaning. I would love to make a song about mobile phones or whatever, as long as it’s interesting and has a point you know. We’re not strict traditionalists, only wanting to make music about “serious stuff”.