Lorentz: Before Way Out West

He’s been loved for being the half of Lorentz & Sakarias, now the younger brother Lorentz Berger is making music under his own name and we can’t stop talking about him or his debut album Kärlekslåtar. Love songs that are absolutely addictive. Dreamy sounds and pure lyrics that make your heart break over and over again. But he has not totally worked on his own with the album, he has been creating songs with some well-known artists, for example jj, Say Lou Lou and Duvchi. No one could have missed that Lorentz is one of Sweden’s most talked about artists of this year.

When I meet Lorentz at Mornington hotel straight after I have been talking to Dante, I can’t help to admire his voice. He talks with a smooth voice, almost like he raps and I find it so fascinating and beautiful. He is interesting to listen to because his sentences are so simple but are yet filled with so much honesty and feelings. While people pass by on the street, the sounds of clattering plates and cars driving by, I steal some of his lunch break to talk about his debut album, inspirations and his thoughts on his gig at Way Out West tonight where he will “Live Life”.

Wow, I really dig your t-shirt.
– Thanks! Shout out for Acne Studios!

It has been going pretty good with your solo project, how does it feel to do this alone?
– It’s exciting and it feels good, I’ve always wanted to do different things. Collaborate with different persons and now I wanted to make a solo album and I did. Yeah it feels awesome!

We will “live life” at Trädgår’n tonight!

Which one of the “Love songs” means the most for you?
– It’s hard to say which one that means the most, because each song means different things. Visa mig vägen means a lot to me, it was sometime under the process of that single the whole album started developing. When I had that one I knew what should be done with the album. Visa mig vägen and Allt från mig were the two songs that got us on the right track actually.

What inspired you when you created the album?
– It’s a bit fuzzy. We were on tour last year and we got to see so much, I generally get inspired by life and a lot of different things. Gothenburg is inspiring. There are many things that inspire me on such different levels.

Lorentz 1 - Foto Patricia Reyes

Lorentz has ordered some food and it arrives to our table as we speak.
– Is it Ok if I eat during the interview?

Of course you can! It looks good, what is it?
– Some sort of a mini pizza.

I got a friend who thinks that your music has a small similarity to Drake, what can you say about that?
– Well, I love drake. But I think that it’s a parallel to take between Rap and R’n’B musicians. There are definitely similarities in the atmospheric but I’ve always liked it and worked with it. I absolutely get inspired by other artists and there might be a little Drake in some songs, definitely.

This is your first gig as a solo artist at Way Out West, will it be lonely without your brother?
– I actually had a gig in Oslo sometime ago, but it’s definitely a premier in Sweden. It will be different for sure but I feel that it will turn out great. It’s really exciting to see what will happen!

How have you prepared?
– I’ve danced a lot in the studio and I’ve sung a lot of course. I have two musicians with me so I’ve rehearsed with them and also fixed the lightning and such. There are a lot involved in this and that’s really fun.

 So what can we expect?
– We will live life at Trädgår’n tonight and I hope that people want to come and “live life” with us.

Yes and isn’t that what everyone wants?
– Right! Just drink a mimosa and disappear in the night. I’m so excited! It really feels like a powerful first gig. Last year at Way Out West we ended the tour with Lorentz & Sakarias and it feels like I’m picking it up almost and doing this solo project with a new fresh start. This is the next chapter.

I love it! Are you going to some party?
– Yes, I partied the first day at Way out West. We played some records at Yaki Da, but I need to rest a bit too of course before my gig. But I think I will manage to do both. Are you going to party?

Of course! Everybody should!
– Yes, one should celebrate and party!

What do you want to celebrate?
– I want to celebrate that I’m here with a bunch of friends and that it’s a lot of fun Swedish music playing. Yeah, I want to celebrate life.


Photography by Patricia Reyes

Lorentz has his gig tonight at Trädgår’n at “stora scen” 02:30, for more info click here.