From Miss Relli to Aurelia Dey

Singer Aurelia Dey is releasing her debut album Gyllene Tider today. She started out as Miss Relli in 2012 when she released her hit single Lovies. Today Dey is also a part of Femtastic and terms her sound as Afro Pop, a combination of dancehall, reggae, hip hop and afro beats. Radar had a chat with her abut feminism, change and the new album.

What are you up to right now?
– I’m in Stockholm for a few days to shoot the video for my single Fokusera. So excited! Other than that I’m releasing my album Gyllene Tider soon, April 22nd which will consist of 10 songs in Swedish.

After high school you moved to L.A to study. Any learning experiences that you want to share?
– Yes I lived there for 3-4 years and studied dance. I was also working as a nanny for a really rich family, and I learned the importance of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. You got to make them sandwiches right haha. But overall the experience was very intense, both good and bad. Most of the people I met weren’t…real. I really didn’t feel like I could have a normal conversation with them, they had a very different perception of what real was. They barely listened to what I had to say, they only wanted talk about themselves and what concerned them and were like “NOW we’re bonding, you feel me?” And I was just like “No Bitch I don’t” haha.

Of course I’m scared of failure
but I choose not to care

Did your move back to Sweden inspire you to try new things and except new challenges?
– When I got back to Sweden I was desperately craving a change, so it was more of a must than actual inspiration.

Does change ever scare you?
– No, never! I need it. And I guess it’s just me as person. But of course I’m scared of failure and other people’s opinions, it’s just a matter of how much you care. And I choose to do me and not care, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. If I would let people influence me to the point where I couldn’t do this, I would really feel like a failure.

Aurelia Dey - Miss Relli

So what did you do when you moved back to Sweden?
– I knew that I wanted to get into the music scene so I contacted my friend Parham and KidsOnDmt and asked if I could record something in their studios. So I started to record songs and posting it on facebook and youtube, after that Partillo contacted me and let me voice his riddims. Back then my name was Miss Relli, before a man called me and told me that he had patent on the name Relli so I couldn’t use it haha. It was so weird BUT it was a good thing since I really wanted change name anyway. So thank you Mr Relli for making that decision easy!

Why do you think that dancehall is so popular in Sweden these days?
– When negativity is being spread, for example racism, people realize there’s a need for change because they don’t like what’s developing. And the importance of new communities or rebellious movements grows. I would love to say that dancehall is one of them since it represents diversity.

Feminism is universal at the
same time as it’s individual

How did you get involved with Femtastic?
– Syster Sol just called me and asked if I wanted work with her on a song that she was doing. All the urban women in the industry were going to be contributing to so I was really happy to be asked! And after that they we’re just like “Now you’re a part of the Femtastic!”.

How do you feel about exclusion within feminism?
– I remember growing up and not being able to really identify myself with the stereotypical feminist. I shave my armpits, wear short skirts, have fake nails, fake eyelashes, I mean you name it. But I’m just as much of a feminist as anyone else since I’m the most independent woman there is! Feminism to me is universal at the same time as it’s individual. When it comes to obstacles and the fact that different women face different issues, it’s so important that women with power to take their responsibility and create a platform that’s suitable for them.

What’s next?
– After the release of my album I’ll be having a tour and then releasing an album in English titled “The Golden Days”. I want to release the English album exactly one year after the Swedish one, so hopefully April 22nd 2016!


Photography by: Patrik Vincent