Radar Mixtape: BERSERK

Merging deep hip hop beats and drugged-out rhythms with ecstatic trill waves and 808 excursions, Stockholm based DJ crew BERSERK have blessed venues such as Slakthuset and Taverna Brillo with their mind blowing live sets. Here they treat us to an hour of dark rhythms and deep vibes.

Tell us more about your mix. 
– It’s pretty much straight 70bpm and has tiny bits and pieces of everything we love; drugged-out slouchy beats, juicy bass, trill waves, hard-hitting 808, euro-style synths, project pat voiceovers, Sailor Moon samples, too much snares, some grimey stuff, hood anthems and future rhythms. We mixed it all live in Traktor, then ran it through Ableton live and added some samples, effects and other elements, sprinkled some PCP on it and then sent it over to you.

When do you think one should listen to it?
– Probably would fit nicely in your headphones if you are riding the metro alone on your way to the party, hood on and downing your second tetra pack of red wine. Or as the first track at the after party as people start getting in, just to kind of set the mood. We would like to think that it’s pretty versatile, but on the other hand it probably reaches its full potential if you are sort of fucked up.

What can we expect from your upcoming Taverna Brillo set?
– Lots of love, too much people in the booth, some bootleg tracks, heavy rythm, heavier bass, and maybe a smoke machine on overdrive if we can get our hands on one? We tend not to plan too much, we just get in, feel the vibe and go with that. On some come-by-and-see-for-yourself kind of sh*t!

On Friday, March 21, BERSERK crew will play at Stockholm restaurant Taverna Brillo. Read more about the event here

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