Radar Mixtape: Eri Wakiyama

Born in Japan, raised in California, and based in New York, Eri Wakiyama is working as a visual merchandiser for Comme des Garçons, as well as an artist. Suffering from a bad case of insomnia, she made us a mixtape with her best bedtime songs.

Tell us more about your mixtape. 
– Lately, or since I was an early teenager, but more so lately than ever, I’ve been tired, but having a bad case of insomnia. I just can’t get my mind off of things, but I also struggle from silence. So, I sleep with music on. I need something to ease me into sleep and relaxing. I have too much anxiety at times, so even though I love upbeat music; hip hop, rap, rock, trap, pop, etc, like all sorts, at the end of the day, I need to take it slow.

When do you think one should listen to it? 
– When you’re about to be chillingggggggg.

If your life was a movie, what would be the soundtrack?
– It would most likely not need lyrics, but rather an orchestrated piece. Like Joe Hisaishi, who does soundtracks to all the Ghibli animation.

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