Radar Mixtape: Fredrik Etoall

Dedicating his life to photography, Fredrik Etoall’s work has been featured in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Interview Magazine, on a number of album covers, and lately also in music videos. This week he’s set some memories to music in an exclusive mixtape for Radar Magazine.

Tell us more about your mixtape. 
– My mixtape is built around experiences and memories, like waking up to Disco Inferno, in a shared sleeping bag on a beach, grabbing a cold beer. When I can’t set my memories to images, I set them to music. That’s how certain songs become special to me. I find most of my inspiration when I’m out in streets, sneaking glimpses from the bustling street life.

When do you think one should listen to it?
– When you’re dressed up as a rock star, with a pair of boots that can take you a hundred miles, and some great, nice looking headphones. Turn up the volume, start walking, and become one with the sound and the light. You will own the world. If that doesn’t work, it will work for most scenarios.

If your life was a movie, what would be the soundtrack?
– Get off my cloud with Rolling Stones. On repeat.

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