Radar Mixtape: Lill Lindqvist

Lill Lindqvist is one of the key figures in Stockholm’s nightlife. When she’s not busy working or dancing at some of Stockholm’s many bars, she can be seen atending gallery openings or blogging about her life at together with her friend Linda Romanazzi. When we asked Lill to make us a mixtape, it came as no surprise that she took inspiration from a night out.

Tell us more about your mixtape. Where did you take your inspiration from?
– From a night out! It’s a very compact and compressed version of what I usually listen to from the moment I put my make up on till I fall asleep with my make up still on.

When should we listen to it?
– The first three songs at home before going out, drinking some wine while trying on clothes. The fourth and fifth song in the taxi to the party, the sixth, seventh and eighth songs after some shots at the party, and the ninth and tenth song are for the after party.

If your life was a movie, what would be the soundtrack?
– Jamie Woon’s Night Air.

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Photo by Malin Evrenos and Ylva Lundberg. Follow them here or check out their new blog under Radar Magazine.