Radar Mix: Marlene

Today’s mixtape is brought to us by Swedish singer Marlene who released her debut EP Indian Summer earlier this year. Her song with the same name became a huge hit during summer, and ever since she’s has been dominating the festival scene. But now fall has arrived so Marlene treats us to something a bit more chill and relaxing. 

Tell us more about your mixtape, when do you think one should listen to it?
– When you wanna get in the right mood for the autumn 2014, and you’ve planned it to be full of new sparkling love. Maybe when you have your new date over for the first time.
Is there anything particular you like to listen to during the fall?
–When the fall comes I’m often tired and exhausted from the summer and just want to chill and slow down. The music I listen to matches that, whatever that is… I guess this playlist gives great examples of what that sounds like!