Radar Mixtape: AnnaMelina

Next week, Radar Magazine celebrates the release of the fifth issue of Kobolt Magazine. During the release party one of Stockholm’s most interesting r&b artists – AnnaMelina – will take on the stage. We asked her to make us a mixtape of her favourite songs, and tell us some more about the gig.

Tell us about your mixtape!
– These are all songs that I really like and have listened to a lot both in the present and the past. I also think they go nice together. : )

Describe the ultimate place and time to listen to it.
– Oh, it’s so different depending on who’s listening and what they are feeling and experimenting in that moment. For me these are songs I like to listen to while painting.

You’re featured in the new issue of Kobolt Magazine. What can we expect?
– I’m really happy to finally be in Kobolt Magazine since me, Klara and Sara have been discussing it almost since they started. There will be a photo of me taken by the very talented Victoria Loeb and a link to my work. That’s what you can expect from me in the magazine. I think this year’s issue will be really nice and different and that’s fun. I look forward to see it in real life.

You’re also performing at the release party. Do you get nervous before gigs?
– I get a little bit nervous every time but I like that. I try to just see it as excitement. Usually for me it’s the more people in the audience the less nervous I get and vice versa.

What else in life makes you nervous?
– Elephant Hunting. The thought of no elephants in the world makes me really sad and I think the last time a cried about it was yesterday. Also people who don’t talk about or express their feelings make me uncomfortable and nervous. Sharing is caring.

The release party of Kobolt Magazine no.5 is presented in collaboration with Radar Magazine and Grolsch. It will take place at Lydmar Hotel January 21st 8pm-1am. Read more about the event here, and find it on Facebook by clicking here