Radar Mixtape: Jennifer Åkerman

In this week’s mixtape, model, musician, and blogger Jennifer Åkerman shares her obsessions of the moment.

Tell us more about your mixtape. 
– It’s ten songs that I’ve been obsessing over for the past few weeks. Those kind of songs that you play over and over again. I think these ten songs represents who I am today.

Where did you find your inspiration?
– Music that makes me feel something inspires me the most. These songs are not in the same genre, and they all make me feel different. I guess that’s what they have in common.

When do you think one should listen to it?
– In headphones, walking through the city. That’s my favorite time to listen to music. It clears my mind, especially since I don’t listen to my own music. Then I definitely don’t get to relax, ha!

If your life was a movie, what would be the soundtrack?
Freestylers feat. Belle Humble – Cracks (Flux Pavilion Rmx)

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