Radar Mixtape: May Dar

DJ May Dar, Alexandra Shanahan, is playing tonight at FATTA’s valentines event. And what better way to start off Valentines than to listen to her mixtape Valentine’s Whatever? We asked her some short questions about it and what’s next to come.


Tell us about your mixtape!
– Valentines Whatever is a mashup of the beats, songs and remixes that are spinning in my headphones right now. I came up with the name after talking to my BFF about the annual mini-anxiety of being ”alone” on Valentines… but why even care about something that some capitalistic douche-army made up to plunder our pockets? Let’s just celebrate with some sweet music instead :)

Describe the ultimate place and time to listen to it.
– I think this mixtape is perfect for many occasions; when you’re chilling with some friends before clubbing, if you’re feeling mellow on a gloomy sunday or if you’re tired on the bus home from work. I’ve tried to compose a mix for when you’re in need of that ease and a pause from the everyday thoughts and hassles.

You’re a part of the duo Anaye, tell us about what you do.
– Yes I am, together with my partner Amber Watts. We’re a Rap- DJ- and Producing Duo and have been making music together a couple of years back. We released our first mixtape PUSSY PALACE 2013, and right now we’re actually working on some new music.

What’s next for you?
– Right now I’m trying to make as much music as possible, but I’m also playing allot at the moment. Me and my Femtastic-sister Kippshu are hosting Klubb Femtastic Marie Leveau every friday for the rest of 2015. But tomorrow I’m spinning at Etablissemanget (Södra Teatern) with FATTA.



Photo by: Olle Enqvist