Radar Mixtape: Zeke Tastas

With one foot in the advertising business and one in the club scene, Zeke Tastas is currently at the helm of Stockholm night club Spy Bar. With his Emoboost mixtape, he encourages us to embrace our emotions and express our sadness.

Tell us more about your Emoboost mixtape.
– My “sister” Quetzala Blanco and I had a magazine project called Emoboost a couple of years ago. Of course it failed miserably in every sense of the word. But the Emoboost idea itself was built on the notion that it is good to accept one’s grief and sorrow, to embrace sadness and really dive into it. The Emoboost idea is an attack on the glossy plastic fantastic ambition we’re all supposed to live by. I’m from Buenos Aires for fuck’s sake, I cry and bleed and I’m proud of it. I feel pretty well adjusted to Swedishness, expect for this one thing, that big emotions magnificently expressed are ugly.

When do you think one should listen to it?
– Well, whenever really. Expect when partying. Or fucking. Or eating dinner. Or working. Or anytime that isn’t the perfect time for missing the one that got away, the one you’ll wait for forever.

If your life was a movie, what would be the soundtrack?
– It’d be a mix between this Emoboost mixtape and the next I’ll do for Radar Magazine named Mordor Minimal Angst from the Catacombs of Berlin. And some Enya, of course.