Nadia Nair takes revenge

With her deep and soulful voice, Nadia Nair has distinguished herself as one of the darkest veins in the current wave of young, savvy, singers sweeping through Sweden. This week she released the video her song Monika the Brave, a bold and bloodstained story of revenge.

The song Monika the Brave is about a women who takes revenge on the man who raped her, says Nadia Nair. Monika is not a specific person, but rather a side in us all. A side that speaks out when you feel suppressed by your fear.

The blood you see in the video is symbolic for the bloodstained hands of the perpetrator.

– I didn’t want to embellish neither the song nor the video. The hands in the video are stained with the perpetrator’s own blood.

Listen to Nadia Nair’s EP See the video below.