Naomi Pilgrim: Before Way Out West

It didn’t take long for Naomi to know that it was music she wanted to do in life, she grew up surrounded by music so maybe it’s quite easy to understand. Her music is loved all over the world because of her enchanting voice and unique deep synthbasses and hard drums. After being a singer with, amongst others Lykke Li, she caught everyone’s attention with her debut album No Gun last autumn. You can’t stop getting impressed by the half Swedish and half Barbadian Naomi Pilgrim who definitely are one of Sweden’s most talked-about artists right now.  

I call Naomi on a shaky phone line from my hotel room and I struggle trying to hear her voice, she’s in the car on her way to Gothenburg from Oslo where she had a gig earlier. She’s so relaxed and nice, and it’s understandable how she can manage with charming so many. We talk about her music and her thoughts about the gig on Rondo tonight 00:45 at Way Out West.

You’re working on your debut album, how is that going so far?
– Oh yeah, how is that going? She laughs. No, I write as much as I possibly can! I saw a documentary about Freddie Mercury the other day and they talked about that Michael Jackson had over 60 songwriters to his 900 songs but Freddie explain that he wanted to work completely on his own with writing songs and that of course take some time. I don’t work completely alone but you understand.

We will not stop dancing, that’s for sure!

I also saw it the other week, fantastic documentary! When will it be done?
– Yes, it’s awesome! In spring 2015.

What can we expect from your gig at Rondo tonight?
– It’s going to be crazy loaded! She laughs. Fredrik Okazaki has prepared acapella which is going to be really nice and smooth. We will not stop dancing, that’s for sure!

Sounds amazing, what else have you prepared?
– You will hear a new song and a song that is inspired by Congo, that one really means a lot.

How is your relation to Gothenburg?
– I live and die for Gothenburg. I have actually lived here with my friends when i was a bit younger. I love the food culture and there are a lot of great restaurants. The people are very friendly and nice too.

I agree. I noticed that as soon as i got here yesterday, an incredibly nice feeling.
– Yes, exactly and it doesn’t matter if half of Stockholm is there, because they embrace the feeling in some way.

What else are you going to do?
– I absolutely don’t want to miss Robyn & Röyksopp, Fredrik Okazaki is playing drums with them so it will be very fun to see. Sadly i missed a lot of good acts yesterday, for example Rebecca & Fiona. We rehearsed in the same premises the other week and it sounded awesome.

How does it feel to perform at Way Out West?
– SO fun, partly because I love Gothenburg and because i love Way Out West of course! Earlier I’ve played there as a Dj. It’s so nice because you know everyone; you can just hang around and feel good.


Photography by Christian Gustavsson

Naomi Pilgrim has her gig on Rondo tonight 00:45 at Way Out West. For more info go to