Natali Felicia – Visual music

Natali Felicias musical journey began not that long ago. In 2015 she posted her debut single on Soundcloud, and since then she has done nothing but impress. Radar met up with this exciting new musical talent to talk to her about her inner drama queen, where her inspiration comes from and which war she is talking about in her latest single.

For how long have you been making music?
I became interested in music “for real” quite late, eight years ago to be exact. I had a great music teacher who encouraged me, put a guitar in my hands and told me to try.

Did that person see that you had talent?
– Yes, he must have seen something that I did not see. I’ve always been someone who likes to perform and give of myself, but always in a silly way.

– I got a guitar from my family and started to play more. Then I joined a creative writing group in school, we met on Friday evenings (yes I know, such geeks). After that, I joined the school choir and Tensta Gospel, and then I tested some open mics which was scary shit. There are a few people here and there who pushed me in right directions and then everything has just fallen into place.


So from the beginning it has been other people who has aroused your interest in music?
– Well yes, there are other people along the way who I’ve found very inspiring, that has really helped me to open up this world for me. I have always been a creative person who loves to express myself. But without the help of others I might not have found my love for music.

What is your driving force today?
– However pretentious it might sound, I feel that music is the natural creative outlet for me.
When I listen music, I get images in my head. Music for me is very visual. A lot of my inspiration comes from movies, but also from travels. It doesn´t need not be a long trip – it can just be a regular subway ride  – but I often get inspiration when I’m going somewhere.

I read somewhere that you put up your first song on Soundcloud, and the day after it had gotten a life of its own.  Tell me about is!
– Yes, it was crazy. My mind was blown.

How did it feel? Were you prepared for the response?
– No, not really. It was a blog in the UK who found it and re-posted it. I did not know it then, but it was one of the UK’s largest music blogs. After that there was a lot of people who contacted me from everywhere. I owe a lot to that music blog!
It was both fun and scary in the same time, I felt pressure as well. A lot of mixed emotions!


When you got “discovered”, had you decided to go all in for a music career?
– Yes I had. I started working with a producer and writer called Andreas Grube during high school. I wrote songs and we kept in touch, but since I was still in school and didn´t quite know what was out there. I didn´t feel a hurry.

But did you know somewhere that this dream could become a reality?
– Yes I did, somewhere I felt it. But after high school, I went out and traveled and it was during that trip that I realized that this is what I want to do. So when I came back home I teamed up with Andreas again and we started making music for real.

Will you realease an album?
– Yes, but first an EP. I just released my third single, but it’s been quite some time since the last. I released my second single in 2015 and after that, I made a small U turn. I felt that I needed to move around a little bit, get out and try some new collaborations, working on my writing and my sound.

– It felt a little like I was chasing something that I did not know what it was. But the quest took me to London in the autumn of 2015, and I went there and wrote. The trip was very good for me in that way that I found out more what I liked and what I wanted to do. And also what I didn’t want to do. When I came back home, I teamed up with Andreas once again and we wrote my latest single War.


Which war is it about?
– It is a very dramatic reflection of a war with myself. This industry is full of people who have quite a lot of opinions of everything. I lost myself in this chaos of people who think and feel things about everything I do. The song is a very dramatic interpretation of the past few years for me. The hunt for something, and my feelings of losing myself.

You have also released three music videos, and everyone seems to find them extremely thought-out and well made. Is the visual is important for you?
– Yes, it is super important, and also I think it’s so much fun. Music and moving pictures combined. What it creates together.
I’m very much involved from the start, and share my ideas and opinions with the director. It’s something I really would like to develop more.

Maybe you should write film music?
– Yes! That’s a big dream of mine! I’m currently working closely with a publishing team in London that focuses on that, so I´m hoping that it will lead somewhere.