New Release: Naomi Pilgrim

Swedish- Barbadian musician Naomi Pilgrim has been going strong since the release of her debut single No Gun last year, and shows no sign of stopping. Today she is releasing her new single It’s All Good that’s about anxiety. Radar met with her and had a chat about the new single, writing music and what’s next.

Can you tell us a little about your new single?
–  It’s all good is about when you’re in the state of mind of not really wanting to do anything. Those days when everything is just worthless even though a lot of things in your life are awesome, but you still can’t seem to shake that feeling of sadness. When you know there’s a lot going on outside of your window, and you just know how well all of those things would make you feel, but you just can’t do it. You simply can’t be bothered to strive after happiness.

Do you feel like your music has changed or evolved since you first began?
– Yes I would say so since I have evolved as a person I keep finding new inspiration.

Yeah I noticed that when I was listening to it, do you like that outcome?
– It’s really fun! This time I felt like and uptempo song was the right thing to do, but yet a song that’s relaxed in it’s own way.

But how do you feel about the song being about something sad but yet being pretty upbeat?
– I think a lot of songs are constructed like that. Even if the song has a lighter lyrics it still needs a deeper melody to make it happen. A sad song doesn’t have to be a power ballad to be able to touch people and be good. An unexpected mix is always exciting.

Before you went solo, were you used to doing live gigs?
– Before No Gun, I had never been on stage as a solo artist.

What do you prefer, preforming live or doing acoustic studio sessions?
– Oh, they’re so different. But it’s always fun to be on a stage in front of an audience and create something together, that’s always super awesome. Studio sessions is something totally different , it’s very intimate but can sometimes be a little bit too mute since there’s no audience.

I mean, when nothing is really happening in life where do you find your inspiration?

Do you write music better when you’re feeling down compared to when everything is just mellow?
– I often think about that, like “now I’m feeling sad so maybe I should just write something”. But most of the times I need to go through the emotion before  I start writing about it , since it’s hard to really know what’s going on when you’re in the middle of it. But when everything is just floating a long it’s harder to write and be creative. I mean, when nothing is really happening in life where do you find your inspiration?

Do you see writing as some kind of relief?
– Absolutely, whenever I need time for myself I open up a new project on my laptop and starts to sing or write something.

How would you describe your creative process?
– When track writers send me stuff I never listen to it before I can record whatever come to mind.  If I am in a session it usually starts with showing off ideas and brain picking. I really like making music with other people. For example with It’s all good, you sit down with another person and create scenarios and explore yourself in a different way because you can exchange thoughts and ideas with someone else.

How do you think it would be to write music with someone you really admire and look up to?
– It would be super interesting to be able to know how Lauryn Hill or Sade works and what their thought process looks like. But it wouldn’t be interesting from a music making point of view, but rather to just talk and learn more about them as people, more on a personal level and then get inspired by that. But I love to do with just admirable people in general, they don’t even have to be musicians.

– But I would love to collaborate with Massive Attack! I think they’re great.

Now it’s just full focus on writing new music and working on an EP and an album

What gig has been your favorite?
– Oh that one is really hard. I feel so bad for all the other shows if I pick one haha.

So how about top 3 then.
– Okay, so my very first gig that was a private show in front of my closest family and friends, cause we were all so stoked about this finally happening. And then the latest show I did at debaser here in Stockholm and of course my gig at Stay Out West this summer.

What’s next for you?
– We’re releasing the video for It’s All Good in November. We just finished filming it so it just needs to be cut and edited before it can be released. But now it’s just full focus on writing new music and working on an EP and an album.