Over the Radar: Merely

Merely’s over understating things.

For all the pop princesses and their sugarcoated kingdoms: A warning. Merely is storming your rose-gold ramparts with the rage of a Gyarados maelstrom. Rumors float she’s the leader of a shadowy cabal from a shadowy world. Others say she runs the organization that trained last century’s greatest audio assassin

But who knows?

All I can say is—in hindsight—Nirvana appears to be a light preview of what has come to be, this Chikorita’s revealed her true nature in the second act, Uncanny Valley—a foggy path blazed with themes of redemption and revenge.

It’s hard to believe it’s been less than a month since the Team Rockit member emerged from the shadows, and all the while, she’s been busy. There have been whispers that she’s been extending her network of agents, while friends of friends speculate she’s been doing who knows what with other members of her organization. This much has been established, if you’re into Pokémon Go (you are, who isn’t?), Merely has established herself as the Boss of the Best Coast gyms and, in conjunction with ally Svilova, has arranged the perfect aural assault mix for taking Kanto back in 19 minutes and 36 seconds flat.

So go, get captivated in Merely’s mix, maybe have a Pokéball (or two), and definitely read about her schemes, dreams and memes in the interview below.

How do you view you:


My view right now:
Gothenburg through the window of a tram, passing Slottskogen right now

Most memorable night out:
Got this question before and don’t wanna say the same, so I will say another night out in Montreal after a show with team rockit. No one came to the show so we just got super high together and enjoyed being team rockit.

Most non-memorable:

Spirit creature:
The mountain.

Most recent camera photo from your phone:


Favorite piece of writing:
“…Och en jävligt kall dosa general vit sluta spela ball vi ser igenom all din skit jävla svin håll käften.”

Most recent post in Notes:
Sorry, but top secret.

In my head at the moment:
It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright…

In my heart at the moment:
The rain outside giving trees some sugar.

Song I’m obsessed with at the moment:
I sing 1, 2, 3…. to like everything I hear and count as long as the song goes on. With melody and rhythm, I get to 42 within the GOT theme song.

You’ll see…