Pre Radar & Grolsch: Saturday, Monday, for BDK and Sum Comfort

This Wednesday Radar Magazine invites you to an evening together with some of our favourite artists from our latest coverage. We caught up with Saturday, Monday, For BDK and Sum Comfort who will all be playing at the showcase at Södra Teatern.

Saturday, Monday

Saturday, Monday

We’ve heard that you’re in the middle of recording a video, tell us about it!
– Yes! Well, frankly my friend August Segerholm is the one in the middle of recording a video. But yeah, there will be a video for my single Late that I just released with Newtimers and Ji Nilsson. It’s a breakup story, like the song, with undertones of surrealism. Keep you’re eyes open, it should be out within the next few weeks!

You’re making music both as Saturday, Monday and together with Julia Spada. How do you divide your time between your projects?
– Yep, I just got home from a studio session with Julia. We have a new band called Breakup and we juuust released a new single and video Roads to Rome. I basically work a lot. But the process is pretty different between working as a duo and working solo so while I certainly have to spend a lot of time to keep both projects moving I don’t feel like they competing for inspiration. It’s like they are taking from different pools of inspiration, like crop rotation or something.

What can we expect from your performance at our party?
– It’s basically me with with some electronic gear doing some fancy dancy versions of my songs.

Do you ever get nervous before a gig?
– Sure, sometimes, but as long as you’re well prepared I think that’s a good thing. A sign that you are emotionally invested in what you’re doing.

What’s up for you next?
– The video for Late is the next big thing I think. Then some more performing once we enter festival season and of course I’m always in the studio working on new tracks for both Breakup and Saturday, Monday.

for BDK

for BDK

How are you guys?
– We survived yet another winter, so we are thankful. Mainly this could be because we spent time in the studio, working on a EP. I mean we still are. The EP is not finished. But we took a break after releasing the album last year and just found the flow again somewhere close to the new year. We struggled for a while to find it, but what would you expect?

What have you been up to lately?
– We are releasing ‘My Tears’ next week, which is the first official release since the album, which we will play tomorrow!

We’re really happy you’re performing at our party. And we’ve heard that you’re gonna play some new material, is this true?
– Our live gitarrist left us last semester so we took a moment to decide upon a new live configuration and decided Marcus plays gitarr again. We also found Josefine, Marcus friend from Nyköping, who would play the drum pad. So thats what to expect: us three.

How do you usually prepare for a live show?
– We try to rehears a bit. Which has proven to be more fun and necessary now that we have a third live member. Usually we also sleep before the gig, that is to say an hour or so before, so we will se if we have the facilities to do that tomorrow at Södra Teatern.

Sum Comfort

sumcomfort030 copy

How are you guys?
– We’re good, no stress.

You recently released a mixtape here at Radar, what have you been up to since then?
– Kept creating, it don’t stop.

What can we expect from your DJ-set at Södra Teatern?
– One hour of good vibes. Impeccable choices, still improving the mixes though, students when it comes to this.

How do you usually prepare?
– Going through tons of records basically, searching for the right feels. Expect the unexpected, no sure shots.

Which set was your all time favorite?
– J Roccs Dilla tribute set. Flat White on Boiler Room last week was raw.

Besides these artists, DJ Sandra Marquina (who we think is one of Stockholm most interesting new djs) will play at the event. The party is a collaboration between Radar Magazine and Grolsch. It will take place at Södra Teatern, on April 22th 20pm-23pm. learn more about the event here.