Pre Sónar: Elliphant

In November Elliphant released her second album One More and Radar had a chat with her about her U.S. tour and plans for the future. Tomorrow she is performing at the Sónar festival here in Stockholm alongside other amazing musicians. We asked her some quick questions before the festival.


What are you up to right now?
– Sitting in a Car from Berlin to Hamburg.. sopah excited, love it there….

Last time you spoke with Radar you were on tour with Charlie XCX in the U.S. and now you’re now on tour in Europe, how’s that?
– I’m one week in! It’s real g!! I love coming out like this…and I have a blessed crew now, so it’s stable.

On February 13th you’re performing at the Sónar Festival here in Stockholm, what are your expectations?
– It’s always so much fun to play in ur own city…It’s a festival so it’s different from havin ur own show, but my expectations r still a good wibe n massive love. It was a while ago since I had a show in Stockholm. I hope ma gz comes out to c me…

It’s almost like a sexual experience for me, it’s never the same so u can never learn

What can the audience expect?
– Me. a meeting, a lot of energy n some new songs.

What’s the best thing about performing live?
– It’s how real it gets, it’s like a mirror. Almost like a sexual experience for me, it’s never the same so u can never learn. I’m not a professional musician I’m just Elliphant. And I give everything I got on stage, I’m empty after.. That’s how it has to b.

What’s it like to perform in your hometown? Is that a special feeling?
– Yup. I never really hear the support from sweden, but I feel it hard every time I play there so it get super emotional…

What are your plans for the summer?
– Festivals! And I always go to my summer house in Gotland for at least a week. I wanna fall in love! Dance! Drink! Swim in the ocean! N make paintings… Random summer stuff like that..


Watch the video for One more below.

Photo by: Fredrik Etoall

Elliphant will perform on Friday at 00:00 at the Red Bull Music Academy’s stage, find the entire program here