Pre Yard: Shonky & Mirja Larsson

After last year’s success it’s time again for Yard, but this year in a slightly different shape. Three occasions, a new location, featuring dance scenes from around the world. Radar had a chat with two of the acts who’ll be performing at Saturday’s festival.

This year Yard has transformed its two-day festival concept to three one-day festivals in April, May and August introducing dance scenes from different countries/cities each time. The first date is this Saturday where acts from France and New York are combined with local talent from Stockholm.

The location is Nobelberget in Stockholm where art, food trucks, décor signed Hyllningsklubben (including a real life beach!) and of course great dance music will join together both in- and outdoor. Levon Vincent, Fred P, Jus-Ed, Shonky, D’julz, Molly, Mirja Larsson and Henrik Bergqvist will all be performing and Radar had a quick chat with two of these acts.


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How are you doing?
– I’m feeling good because I had an amazing weekend; I was in Dubai with the guys on Friday and I also played two of my favourite clubs… on Saturday I did the Apollonia thing with Dan and Dyed at fabric, which was great. And then I played Panorama Bar on my own on Sunday and stayed until 8am. It’s always good to play here in Berlin, so I had a really good time and now today the sun is shining, so I’m feeling really good.

You’re playing at Yard in Stockholm soon. What can we expect from your set?
– I play music that fits the mood so, of course, if I’m playing an after-hours I will play music that is suited to that environment and, if I’m playing a festival, it will be more energetic because there are a lot of people in front of me and the situation almost demands a bit more “punch”. For Yard, I will see how it goes but you can expect a “Shonky”, groovy sound… beyond that, what you should definitely expect is to dance!

Which clubs would you recommend in your hometown Berlin?
– Definitely Panorama Bar, but there are many other clubs worth checking out. I should also mention Wild Der Renate, Club Der Visionaere, Stattbad… there are a lot of amazing clubs in Berlin. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to check them all out! But I know places like Ipse and Sisyphos are great. It’s one of the best cities in the world for clubbing, so you should come here for a long weekend so you can experience a lot of different clubs and vibes, especially now the spring is here.

What’s up for you next?
– It’s an exciting time because I’ve been busy in the studio and buying music. Summer is going to be busy with a lot of gigs, with Apollonia and also on my own. Amongst others, I’m looking forward to returning to Krypton in Craiova, Romania in July. It might be quite an unknown city, but trust me it is more than worth a visit if you around. I’m back in Paris soon to play my man Le Loup’s Circle party on May Day, and I’m also heading to St Petersburg, for a much-appreciated Special Case event later in May. I’ll soon be heading over to Ibiza for another season, travelling to gigs from there. Dan, Dyed and I are playing Amnesia Opening again along with the Circoloco opening. Last year was a lot of fun on the island, so I’m looking forward to that.

What are your dreams for your label Apollonia in the future?
– My dream is to nurture the label and for it to be one of those labels that people remember in future as being a label that represents our sound; we want to keep it alive for as long as possible – it’s a story about three good friends and it want it to last as long as possible.

I read your DJ name Shonky is an old nickname from school that you got from being into maths. Is that interest all gone or do you ever like do some algebra between gigs?
– After my studies I didn’t know what to do, I was making a bit of music and already DJing a bit around Paris. I studied Finance, Statistics and Economics and, when I graduated, I asked my parents if I could try DJing and thank goodness it worked… the only maths I do these days is counting how many hours I play!

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Mirja Larsson

How are you doing?
– Awesome! I’m looking forward to having the best spring/summer ever.

You’re playing at Yard, how are you feeling about that?
– I’m excited, and of course a bit nervous playing alongside legends like Fred P and heroes like Molly. But mostly super excited!

How do you usually prepare for a set?
– Hot shower, loud music, good food.

Which song are you obsessed with right now?
– I just got my hands on HBNGs upcoming release Planet Sunday and it’s now constantly looping in my head after looping in my headphones for days. It’s a toxic banger. In a good way though!

What are your plans for the summer?
– As I said, I’m gonna have the best summer ever. Some people like to go hiking one hundred kilometres in the mountains during summer, my plan is to dance at least one thousand.

Your blog Mirja’s Zoo is dedicated to cute animals. Do you have a favourite cute animal-clip from Youtube you can recommend us?
– I’m very weak for the combo pugs and loops and this little fella on the way to the club had me laughing until I though I was dying for real.