Premiere: Ditt Inre – True Believer

Ditt Inre is Einar Andersson and Hampus Klint. Born from the melancholy of the everyday, Ditt Inre takes our daily sadness and transforms it into yearnings we’ll never experience.

Imagine a break-up in the Jardin de Luxembourg, drunkenly wandering the streets of Tokyo trying to forget an ex, and ultimately, wondering how you ended up here, right now. We see and hear these vignettes on the streets, on cinema screens and our dreams—wishing we were the ones crying and loving. Ditt Inre’s songs are Manchurian memories, loved ones never loved, missed birthdays and opportunities wanting the answer to that nagging question “What if?”

Formerly with the well-manicured label Cascine, Ditt Inre is trying something different with the newborn label Birthday. Taking its name and design cues from the birthday shared by its founders, KBH-based songstress Lisa Alma and NY writer Graham Tucker-Thor, they seek to make everyday a birthday celebration. It’s not just labels they’re switching up, Ditt Inre is singing in English for the first time and the results are hauntingly beautiful.

Below you’ll find their single True Believer, be sure to give it a listen and pick up their new EP, Echoes, on 26/3 from Birthday. 

We caught up with Hampus and Einar to learn more about their new EP and which chillwave bands they’d rather fuck or kill.

Hej Hampus and Einar, are you fine—excited for the release of Echoes?
—Yes we are, we are fine. Thanks for asking.

Einar is the one with the hat — Hampus the one without

So what’s happened in the three years since Värd mer än guld; We’ve heard that you turned your back on music for a while?
—No, that’s not true. We’ve been working on a masterpiece of true excellence.

Why the three years?
—Well, as soon as you release stuff people get expectations. And if you release the stuff with a label, more people expect stuff. But we’d rather go traveling, and traveling we did.

What happened when you went traveling…did you find inspiration in new places and new people?
—Not really. We played a tour in China and, well, China is a very strange place.


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The EP feels more physical than previous records, does that come from the clubbing experience?
It comes from clubbing seals in the Nordics.

Ha, I hope PETA doesn’t read that. So was the recording process different?
Not really. We raised our voices and formed our hands as plogbillar just as usual.

About the standout single “True Believer”. Tell me a little about it.
It’s a person who is naive, infantile and too good for this world.

Like a Belieber… Are you Beliebers?
Yes, we like his latest albums and all his contributions to mankind.

Tell me a bit more about your new label, Birthday.
The cake! The cake is a lie!

Ha, okay then… Then what are your birthdays?
1st of October and 9th of January.

Are you already thinking ahead to the next EP?
The next EP will be MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.

Be sure to buy Echoes for your listening gold.

Quick facts  

Favorite spaceship from any canon?
Hampus: I like the one from Tintin.
Einar: The Orbiting Space Station from 2001, A Space Odyssey. 

Favorite beer?
Einar: Arboga 10.2
Hampus: Bud, Always Bud. Or not, Miller High-Life.

Air France, Postiljonen and Korallreven—fuck, marry, kill?
—Fuck: Postiljonen, Marry: Air France, Kill: Korallreven (Crybabies)