Radar Premieres: Adna

This week saw the release of Swedish newcomer Adna’s stunning debut album Night. Today we unveil the brand new video accompanying the title track.

With her sincere honesty and distinctive vocals, nineteen-year-old Adna has distinguished herself as one of Sweden’s most singular new pop voices. Combining the melancholy melodies of Bosnian music with electric guitar riffs, effects pedals, and hard percussion, her dark, tranquil sound also bears traces from her nightly writing sessions. Listening to her debut album Night, it makes sense that the entire album was written during five nights.

– I like working during the night because I get more space for my own thoughts, I hear more of my own sound, Adna said when we met her for an interview earlier this week.

Shot by Czloweik Kamera Design & Photography in Krakow last spring, the video accompanying the album’s title track perfectly captures the song’s melancholy mood. The new video also marks the end of a trilogy of videos made for Adna by Czloweik Kamera, with The Prettiest and Dreamer as the first two parts.

Watch the video for Night below and read our interview with Adna here.

 Photograph of Adna by Mathilda Österlund.