Radar Premieres: Faråker

Described as a battle song for each and everyone of us, Faråker’s latest single Sista fajten has just been accompanied by a creative new video. Here is an exclusive first look.

A battle song for everyone, against everyone else. That’s how Olle Blomström describes Sista fajten, the first track from his upcoming debut album Början på slutet. A new take on static video, the clip shows a string of artwork sketches tossed down on an old map of the world. The video ends by unveiling the final cover, made by Björn Atldax, the man behind the notorious Cheap Monday skull logo.

– Sometime’s I get angry, without really knowing what I’m angry at. It was during one of those moments that I wrote Sista fajten, a battle song for everyone, against everyone else, Olle says about his latest single. It will also be the oldest song featured on my Början på slutet album. At first, I wanted Faråker to be some kind of punk band, which I think you will hear traces of in this song.

Början på slutet will be out on April 9.

Photograph of Olle by Johanna Wulff.