Radar Premieres: Naomi Pilgrim Studio Session

Earlier this autumn, Swedish-Barbadian songstress Naomi Pilgrim made an impressive debut with her single No Gun. Today she unveiled an intimate studio session version of the track.

It’s a conception of life; about the struggles we have to fight, where some people are forced to live through horrible things while others dwell on trivial things, like your day is ruined just because you spilled some coffee on yourself.

That’s how Naomi Pilgrim described her debut single No Gun when we met her for an interview a couple of weeks ago. Sharply produced by Fredrik Okazaki, No Gun elegantly fuses r’n’b, soul, and pop, with the Swedish-Barbadian singers deep and soulful, yet soft voice.

Read the whole interview with Naomi Pilgrim here and watch the live video below.