Radar Premieres: OKRAA

The first take from OKRAA’s forthcoming debut EP DreamachineHealing is a stunning blend of organic soundscapes, Latin rhythms, and contemporary electronic beats. Today, we give you an exclusive first listen.

Under the moniker of OKRAA, Colombian musician Juan Carlos Torres Alonso fuses European electronic styles with the rhythmical roots of his native country. After collaborations with Glasgow pop act Turtle, OKRAA is now releasing his debut EP Dreamachine, a collection of songs emanating from his dreams.

– Each one of the four songs represents a different kind of dream, OKRAA says about the EP. So, this first single is a healing dream. Around the end of 2013 I started to have dreams that would stick in my mind. I began to read about dreams and became somehow obsessed with the subject. I thought about representing some of those in songs.

Listen to Healing, as well as a Wadelake remix of the song below, and read our interview with OKRAA here. Click on the Soundcloud link for a free download.