Premiere: Tella Viv – Sworn

Welcome to the strange universe of Tella Viv, one of the must hear-bands this spring. This Stockholm-based trio consisting of Adam Odelfelt, Benjamin Lavén and Carl Hjelm have now returned from some time in the studio with Sworn: a dark power ballad.

Swirling synthesizers and echoing vocals are orchestrating this lo-fi video directed by Céline Barwich, who have drawn attention for her documentary photographing of Stockholm youth culture the last years.

Thematising an isolated vampire shown fantasising about the band, we are handed a mixed imagery of flying fruits, exotic birds and bloodstained t-shirts. This is the first movie production by Barwich, and she seems to share the profound love for weird symbolism — just like Tella Viv. Sworn is a salute to psych and surf – two genres that the band has been flirting with since their debut ep ”From Coast 2 Coast” in 2015, although their sound now is hinting of a more sinister sentiment that sends much hope for future projects.

Did you get a taste for more? Tella Viv will be performing live at O-Baren the 11th of May. They are backed up by 2tits1dick (an experimental duo consisting of Christopher Insulander and Linnéa Sjöberg) and have promised horror, blood and gogo dancing. Everyone is welcome, as long as they stay on guard.

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