Radar Premieres: Aurora

Norwegian singer Aurora impressed us at the Way Out West Pre Party last week. One of the songs she performed was Runaway and we’ve gotten our hands on the Swedish premiere of it.

Prior to the show Aurora Aksnes told us she gets nervous to the extent of almost peeing herself before a gig. But when she entered the stage at the Way Out West Pre Party last Wednesday we saw no sign of those nerves. One of the pieces she performed – with great self-confidence and presence – was the powerful Runaway, a song that Radar now gives you the Swedish premiere of.

We asked the singer to give us her own personal description of Runaway. So here’s what the song’s about, in Aurora’s own words:

It’s about running away from home before being ready for it, and noticing that you are such a tiny part of a huge world. It’s about being homesick and longing for a safe place.

Read our interview with the singer here and check out photos from the Way Out West Pre Party, where she played her first Swedish gig, here.

Photo by Jonas Wessman.